Is the Person Bitten by a Dog Needs Medical Attention?

The person bitten by a dog, whether vaccinated by anti-rabies vaccine or not, should get medical attention. Anti-rabies treatment is not needed if the dog appeared healthy after 10 days of confinement. However, if the dog appeared ill at the time it bit the person it should be consulted to a veterinarian for signs of … Continue reading Is the Person Bitten by a Dog Needs Medical Attention?

Expressing Oneself Beyond Friendship

If you are in-love with your friend, you may express it by telling him/her how you exactly feel. Your friend needs to know what you really feel about him/her so that you will not be thinking or hoping for something beyond your friendship. Your friend also needs to learn about your feeling so that he/she … Continue reading Expressing Oneself Beyond Friendship

Unexplained Fatigue

Many people experience unexplained tiredness even after a seemingly long sleep and feel lack of energy without any reason at all. Research identifies most common causes of this problem including workplace issues, medical conditions, emotional stress, and unhealthy lifestyle. To avoid this problem, it is suggested that people need to know its causes and prevent … Continue reading Unexplained Fatigue