America’s Teen Missy Franklin Becomes Swimming Sensation at 2012 Olympic Games

As the recent Olympic Games progresses, Missy Franklin, London 2012 Olympic Games now becomes a swimming sensation as she takes the summer competition by storm. Franklin is recently dubbed as a breakthrough star in addition to veteran swimmers from the U.S. including Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte. She is all prepared to represent her country in six events at the Olympics and sources reveal her dedication to get a medal for every event. Results even show that she has already get gold for the individual backstroke at 100 meters event and bronze for the freestyle relay at 4×100 meters. Although she already received 2 down, she remains optimistic to clinch the medals from the remaining events making her fans more excited than ever.

Franklin has already proven her world champion potential in the water though she failed to get medal in the 200 meters freestyle event on July 31, 2012 where she ranked fourth and missed the bronze medal by .01. Followers of the Olympics competition, especially in the field of swimming and more specifically those who are fans to Franklin believe that she will use this as her motivation in claiming medals from the other events. Moreover, she and the rest of the USA Team have the best qualifying time for the swimming relay that is scheduled to start on August 3.

Many likened Franklin to Phelps for her versatility and predicted to be built for the sport. This can be attributed to her height at 6”1, wingspan at 6”4, and feet drive size at 13 feet. In fact, she was already competing at the national standard in Beijing Olympics race at the age of 13. She has set world record as she became champion in the 200-meter backstroke by 15, making her notable as the first woman throughout the world who was able to break record in swimming since the ban of plastic supersuits early in 2010. This along with her swimming experience and many credential made her more than qualified at the Olympic Games though she may just be an ordinary teenager in high school.
Just as any other sensational personalities in the music and entertainment industry, Franklin get almost everybody’s attention. Both critics and fans consider her as an individual who was especially made for swimming accounting her physique for every success she makes on the pool. Even sensational music artist Justin Bieber and Phelps joined her fans to cheer every time she launches herself in the water.

The swimming sweetheart dubbed by many in sports as “Missy the Missile” is now capturing everyone’s attention in the world today and is gradually making history for the team. And this keeps her followers watch every stroke and splash she make on the pool. She is even considered as a symbol of the next generation of swimmers who will dominate the pool at Olympics.  

Missy Franklin, London 2012 Olympic Games swimmer, has three remaining events: 4×100 meters of medley relay preliminary heats and the 200 meters backstroke finals both on August 3 and the 4×100 meters medley race on August 4. 

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