Daley to Set Record High at the 2012 London Olympic Games

It is amazing to have so many young athletes participating in the London 2012 Olympics. It is kind of nostalgic to see two athletes forming a team and simultaneously do their acrobatics while plunging into the pool. To put oneself in the place of 18-year-old Tom Daley, London 2012 Olympics diver, you just can’t imagine the intensity of their training to be able to achieve that certain level of coordination and to be able to maintain focus amidst the pressure of representing the host country. Yet placing only fourth in the 10-metre platform synchronized swimming competition in the Olympics has shadowed the hard work that they put into their craft. Not being able to get a medal for themselves and for the Great Britain Team has certainly wiped him out of the memory of the people.

It certainly does not help that there are people who still want to add insult to injury by making public comments that uncharacteristically worsen the situation for him. Following his defeat, he was attacked by malicious and abusive tweets on the social networking site Twitter, by another teenager who states that he has let down his father. This is regarded as a very careless and senseless attack, knowing that Daley has done his best to compete with the best athletes in the world at the event. It is frustrating how people sometimes do not think about the words they say or write before saying or posting them. The controversy generated by that Twitter has no doubt affected him and could have an effect on how he would compete in the coming days.

Despite the said controversy, Daley is still able to make it through to the 2012 Olympics considering his credentials and professional experience in the sport of diving. It can be noted that he already competed and made his way to the finals of 10 meters platform synchronized diving race and to the individual 1o meters platform race during the 2008 Olympics. He is also well-known to be a diving champion in European, British, and World events. Since then, Daley has been strengthening his own diving program with more complicated dives that now comes within his range. But he traces his motivation in the sport which has been ingrained in himself since childhood years.

But sparing his childhood days, Tom Daley, London 2012 Olympics diver is now grown up and sets himself at the summer races to show to the world what talent he got. Daley is among the 12 athletes announced to be part of the BMW Performance Team at the Olympics. This serves as his first race of the season. He really booked for the London Olympics to honor the memory of his late father Robert Daley. This gives him hope that his father will be proud of him and expresses his great feeling upon knowing his qualification for the Olympic Games. He also admits how he feels to win the completion in front of his loved ones including his mother and brothers. He even set himself head high as he made it through the 2012 London Olympics.  

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