A Successful Arranged Marriage Story

A Successful Arranged Marriage Story

I was arranged by my mom to come and see Eddie. The first time Eddie went to our house was with his friends and with his parents at the second time. They set a wedding date as my mom accorded to the arranged marriage story. My mom told me to stop going to school because I need to learn to be a homemaker and how to cook. I was a little upset, but we did not question our parents with their decisions in those days. Nowadays, girls can do what they want and are independent.
Eddie was 28 and I was 18 when we get married. I was so nervous during our wedding day. We have not said any word. For three months I lived with the parents of Eddie. They were very good to me and are lovely. We felt like dating during our first week as a couple and we were getting to know each other. I learnt his dislikes and likes as time passes by. It took me around six months to really know him because we were friends at first. We discussed about the need to save to purchase a house. I have discovered that Eddie would be the kind of man I would have selected for myself over the years. He is loving, he is caring and he does not drink. I came to realize that I loved Eddie after I gave birth to our first daughter. I am very grateful for my mom for having Eddie arranged for me. I was a lucky person because there was no going home and a divorce once you were married in those days.
I started to see Eddie differently and our love grew. He is always there for me when I need him, he is sincere and caring. He does not make any decisions without my approval. Eddie is loving to our grandkids and three daughters. My daughters are brought up educated and I am excited they are not housewives. Children today are raised differently from the way how we were brought up by our parents. They are too independent and have many choices. This is just a successful arranged marriage story.

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