A Successful Parenting Story of a First Time Mom


 A Successful Parenting Story of a First Time Mom

People around me tend to worry so much about me as a first time parent. I often received bunch of advice from close and distant relatives and friends. It would be better to let your child cry out loud. Never let your child take control. As much as possible, have a separate room for you and your child. These are some of those kindred advices they say, but none of them mattered after all as my successful parenting story started. 

I already knew that I am a mother the very moment I held my son for the first time. I can’t explain my feeling or what emotion to express. I knew so well that it was the start of my responsibility as a mother to him. I then realized that parenting has an innate attachment between me and my son as I felt it in my heart. Yes, it won’t be that easy and that I was advised to be consistent. 

I followed what they said and consistently show to my son my support and love all the way. Never was a moment I let him cry. What made me and others surprised was that he learned to sleep on his own at night considering that most infants of his age used to sleep during the day and awake at night. I breastfeed him for 14 months and noticed that he rarely got sick. 

I felt being so blessed with my first child as he grew up loving and respectful. When he attended elementary, his teacher called me just to say that I have a successful parenting story. “He is so caring to her teachers and classmates, especially to girls,” as his fourth grade teacher confessed.

I am a proud mother of a child who not only championed in attitude, but also excellent in his academics. He never failed to make me step up the stage every year to pin him a ribbon or put him on a medal. 

I am so touched when one morning he left a card in my side table that read “To my super mom: being a mommy’s boy isn’t bad, I am just so attached to you because you love me and I love you.”

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