The Wisdom of Parenthood

The Wisdom of Parenthood
Parenting is never an easy responsibility at all. This is the common notion of every individual who is not yet a parent. This is somehow true as not all of those who are already parents are lucky enough to become successful in their parenthood. But despite the circumstances most parents go through in their life, they still stand still and continue caring for their children as much as they can just like the case of Laura.
Laura confesses that her transformation from being a single into being a parent of three children has been challenging. She never expected herself to come up into something different before. Yes, she has the capability of taking into consideration the advice of others on how to discipline her children, but they just didn’t work out well for her. She noticed that they seem contradicting as to what she really feels inside her heart.
It was her husband who made her realized how her daughter mirrors her negativity. This caused her daughter to leave the house for days to let things cold and get back only when she’s feeling fine. She remembers one time she was just angry that she yell at her daughter. This happened more than just twice that unknowingly put great impact on her daughter’s attitude in school.
One afternoon, her attention was called in school because her daughter got into trouble. The school guidance counselor asked her about how family affair is going for possible root cause of her daughter’s unlikely behavior at school. This brings her into realization how much her daughter is affected of her bad behavior.
Since then, instead of yelling at her daughter and other children when mistake is committed, she just humble herself and try to calm down so as not to raise her voice. Every time she feels losing again, she just go outside and take some breathe in and out to release tension. What made her so touched and almost cry one night is when her daughter tap her shoulder and asked if she is feeling better already. This moves her to tears and gave her daughter a tight hug.     

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