Eating Habits To Teach Your Kids

Eating Habits To Teach Your Kids
Most children in this modern world tend to prefer a cone of ice cream over yogurt, a slice of pizza rather than broiled salmon over a plate of brown rice. But these eating problems among kids can be resolved by instilling them the right habits for eating. This will definitely require you to teach your child how to like and love healthy eating and correct bad eating habits. It is important that you develop good eating habits to your child at an early age to keep him from being obese and establishing health issues when he gets old. 
First, start building the foundation of healthy eating habits to your child at the earliest possible age. Offer your child vegetables and fruits as snacks instead of cookies as soon as he starts eating solid foods. Yes, this can be difficult to do, but persistence in doing so will be your key in developing his good eating habits at an early stage of his life. 
Second, be a role model to your child. You also have to eat healthy foods so that he will follow and also eat them. He will most likely start to taste and eat whole-grain cereal and salads if he sees you eating these foods too.

Third, take your child with you every time you go shopping to determine the foods that are healthy for your baby and why they are so. When you take him for shopping, you are actually teaching him already how to make choices of the best, healthy foods. While choosing fresh vegetables and fruits, explain the reason why fresh foods are better than those in can. You should also explain what a food label is and why it is relevant to read it when selecting the right food. Remember that children tend to learn quicker through hands-on rather than by means of a lecture.
Fourth, get your child involved in planning a meal and make it fun. To plan a meal is enjoyable for him thinking that he is just playing. This allows him to make his own food choices to eat. Have a heart to heart talk about the foods he chose, explain why, and suggests him of healthier alternatives to his choices without making him feel that he failed in selecting the right, healthy foods.

Fifth, give your child an opportunity to cook his own food as well as his own version of healthy food preparation. Take note that enabling him to help you in cooking dinner once allows him to make choices of healthier foods too. For instance, if you are cooking pasta, explain why using whole-grain is more important than refined white. Keep in mind that your word of mouth will have a lasting impression on him, although his choices may be insignificant. 
Sixth, instill good eating habits to your child as simple as possible. Keep your refrigerator and cupboards always full of healthy snacks, most especially when you are away from home. But keep available foods for him limited to healthy choices such as string cheese, yogurt, and peanut butter. This will become a healthy eating habit that will surely last until he reach adulthood.
Seventh, limit the fast food intake of your child. It is always part of the healthy eating habits of your child to give him healthy food choices, but limiting him to consume fast foods.

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