The Life the Quake Left Behind

The Life the Quake Left Behind

A sudden rush of adrenalin came out of me as my computer table jiggled. I quickly ran out my room and went outside into the street. I even got my fingers, toes and knees tremble as panicked neighbors were streaming into the street while children were crying. This is the scenario I can’t and I won’t forget a week from now when magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck Bohol and Cebu, Philippines on October 15, 2013 at 8:12 a.m. This is the very day when days after the calamity would never be the same again for us, especially for those who were greatly devastated and those who are still suffering ‘til this very moment of my writing. Luckily, that was a holiday as our Muslim brothers commemorate their Eidul Adha or Feast of Sacrifice, otherwise thousands would turn out to be victims of the disaster. 

I’m saddened as mostly ruined by the quake are our centuries-old churches, which are already part of our Filipino history and culture. These houses of worship have been there hundreds of years ago, approximately 400+ years, and considered part of our cultural heritage. Miraculously, majority of the religious icons and relics of these churches are still encased amidst the extensive damage of their towers and even the whole of the structure. 

As days of rescue and retrieval continues, death toll heightens and crushed rubble are everywhere stretching from Bohol province’s roadside to its slopes and then to the tops of its dunes. Rescuers and retrieval teams are still having difficulty pursuing some towns and cities that are yet given help as strong aftershocks and rainfalls still occur. 

I may also be a victim of this natural disaster, I’m still lucky over these people though trauma from the catastrophe is already in me, feeling always shaken by the quake. I feel so sorry for those who are now living in Bohol, people who are now living with fear and loss of hope for their situation. Help is in great need for these people and most especially our prayer that recovery will soon come to them.    

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