The Etiquette for Wearing a Wedding Ring

The Etiquette for Wearing a Wedding Ring

We all know that wedding rings are a representation of the couple’s commitments for each other. There are some traditions on the proper way of wearing wedding rings, though many brides do wear their wedding ring on the finger of their own preference. History outlines that wedding rings were worn as a symbol that signifies eternal love between husband and wife. Thus, originate the representation of wedding rings as a binding contract between the bride and groom since the day of their wedding.
Primarily, the wedding ring is slide onto the left ring finger, right next to the pinkie or the finger fourth from the thumb. The explanation for this is that the vein that goes straight to the heart can be found in this finger. Based on the tradition in Latin and European countries, the wedding ring is usually worn on the right ring finger of both the bride and the groom.
Some people prefer not to wear their engagement rings most or at all times to prevent any damage to the ring. Meanwhile, others believe that the wedding band is very essential in keeping their marriage vows with the protection from the engagement ring. The wedding band sometimes serves as a ring guard, in which the engagement ring is placed.
The bride is suggested to wear the engagement ring on the right hand, or should not wear it during the wedding rite. This will make it easy for the groom to slide the wedding band in the proper place.
In case you would still prefer to wear your engagement ring other than your wedding ring, it is customary that the ring should be worn first then followed by the engagement ring. The wedding ring, in this way, seemed to be closer to your heart.

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