How Marriage Becomes Successful

How Marriage Becomes Successful 
You may envy couples who are still bound together by their marriage, one that still seem to sparkle after several decades. What comes up to your mind then is the key to their successful married life. Well, you too can be one of them just take into account the story of Edward and Sally below.
Edward and Sally decided to tie knots right after graduation in college. Sally bore their first child a year after their marriage. This made Edward serious on his work so he can support the family. 
However, he seemed to have spent more time on his work and less on his wife and child.
Since Sally is also a career woman, both tend to live busy lives on their own careers. This continued for nine years until they realized they are moving on different, separate lives. There are times that they never got the chance to talk what happened to them for the whole day. 
It was not until Edward realized how work pulled him apart from the marriage tie that he ask Sally to have a heart-to-heart talk about their relationship. They love each other that the issue did not turn into a huge fight. They then resolved to take measures to strengthen their marriage by compromising on some things. Together, they opt to make things work well to save their marriage from falling apart. 
They consulted their couple friends and acted on the information they received. Soon they discovered the keys in making married life successful. They are now looking up to couples whose marriages are great. They learned that these couples frequently attended events and read books that help enrich marriage. They also see to it that they spent time each day to know what they are up to and how they spend their day. They then continued looking at the entirety of their marriage to keep the spark of their husband-and-wife relationship. 
With the success story of Edward and Sally above, there is certainty that marriage can be kept as vibrant as it was after wedding. Successful marriage actually depends on how the couple nurtures and nourishes it.

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