Cleaning Your Gucci Bag

Cleaning Your Gucci Bag

When you come across of the brand Gucci, no one can ever deny the fact that it is a very well-known designer when it comes to fashion trends in the industry with genuine items like its Gucci bag. Another remarkable aspect of this brand is the wide range of products it offers to its client. Among these items are Gucci handbags, handbags, shoes, jewelry, and clothing. Since Gucci bagsare specifically made out of natural fibers and leathers, it is but fitting to treat them well. They generally need to be cleaned properly using the right method and approaches. Here are some of the tips and guidelines on the proper cleaning of your bag:

·         The first thing you have to do is to carefully read the instructions for the proper way of cleaning the bag to make certain that there are no particular cleaning compounds not recommended for use on it.
·         Prepare the material necessary for your cleaning, which is a cloth. You may need both a damp and a soft cloth to do this task.

·         You have to wipe down your bag using a damp cloth before squirting a dime-sized leather conditioner dab onto a soft cloth. Remove the stain or any dirt in your bag in a circular motion to thoroughly clean every area or section of the bag. Make use of a second clean cloth to wipe off the excess cleaner. This should be followed by gently buffing the leather conditioner into the leather of the bag. 
·         Air dry the leather before you store it in its casing. If you have decided to store your leather bag, it is advisable that you fill it first with bubble wrap. This will help prevent the bag from crushing without even attracting moths. You may place your purse inside a pillow case that is made from natural fiber like cotton or silk. 
·         For a cloth Gucci bag, proper cleaning includes wiping it with a damp cloth and then squirting stain-removing spray onto the cloth.
·         Once you already have prepared a damp cloth, rub away the stains stuck on the fabric bag in a gentle manner to avoid any form of damage. 
·         Just like the leather bag, let it air dry and store in a natural fiber pillow case. But you have to place the bubble wrap into your bag before storing it.   

There is also another beneficial way in cleaning the bag and that is through the approach called spot cleaning. This approach is perfect if your bag only has a few messes to clean up.

·         It is advisable not to submerge or wash your bag without taking into account the explicit instructions. Doing so may cause damage to and may ruin your expensive bag. Take note that you should not be using any abrasive material on your bag as it may only damage its fibers. 
Follow these tips and instructions and you may use your Gucci bag as long as you want while keeping its authenticity and trend now and beyond.

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