The Journey, The Party with the Yolanda Survivors



Christmas time is giving back time. This is exactly how I felt when we, together with friends, went to Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines on the 21st and 22nd of December 2013. I’m so fulfilled for the success of our Christmas Party with the Yolanda (Haiyan) super typhoon survivors. Unlike our first outreach in Daanbantayan, Cebu a month earlier, I got to the place crying no more. Yes, there are still the aftermaths of the typhoon, but not that devastated anymore since it has been more than a month after Yolanda struck the area.

How can you not be motivated to push through a community outreach program when the people you’re about to get acquainted with welcome you with big smiles on their face notwithstanding the destruction they incurred from the calamity.

Many of us got easily frustrated when we can’t get the things we want without realizing their practicality. Just get on the shoes of these people, you can’t even imagine how they manage to carry those smiles with their damaged houses and affected livelihood. Some of them don’t even have money to buy food enough for the whole family to eat three times a day. 

As we invited them house-to-house, I got amazed by the number of children each family has at their very young age. We are so pleased to note how our simple program makes them interested in joining thinking of the blessings we prepared for them. As much as we want to accommodate them all, but unfortunately we have a limited budget that saddened me so much. If I am just wealthy to invite them all, I could bring happiness to them all. 
It was actually my first time to co-organize such a program that I was unsure at first whether it will turn out successful or not. Thank you for the guidance and blessings of our dear Lord everything went so well. In fact, all our sleepless nights, tiredness and efforts for the whole program are paid off. This is actually a dream come true to me because I’ve wanted to do community service, especially to help those who are greatly in need, ever since. My happiness is really beyond measure as the party ended and as we return to our regular lives. 


My enjoyment and heartfelt happiness are spectacular though we need to make a stop-over at Micky Santoro Hotel & Restaurant to wait for the first trip back to Cebu the following day. I just hope everyone enjoyed the party we threw to at least make their Christmas brighter.   


*some photos solicited from friends





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