Ending Age-Old Violence Through the Youth

The layman’s notable statement “The youth is the nation’s hope” is true in developing countries under violence caused by rebel-government conflicts for years. Third world countries are well known for old-age violence between rebels and government forces with rampant cases of corruption, uncontrollable inflation and undeveloped infrastructure. History speaks of the real story behind these conflicts, but there is always an end of this man-made circumstance through present and future pacifying efforts. Such efforts can be started-out through the youth of today. As a 21stcentury youth in one of these third world countries, you have the responsibility to do something to end the destruction brought by violence. Herein listed are some of the guidelines you may take into consideration to turn the gloomy history of your home country into a peaceful haven and cut violence with a new hope for progress.   
·         You have to pursue your academic dreams and avoid violence. You can help end violence by slowly avoiding it. It is through education where you can get new insights about the pros and cons of violence not just to you, but also to the entire humanity. Prevent violence through leadership and community education. 
·         Personal misunderstandings when left unaddressed may lead to huge conflict. Learn how to be kind to other people and humble. There are always solutions to problems when put on the table for discussion. Give forgiveness to people who wronged you or your family. Never think of doing revenge so as not to intensify the conflict and avoid bloody encounters.
·         Have your own personal good identity that is attractive to others, especially those who need positive outlook in life. Encourage others to do good and have fulfilling life far from greediness. Aim for a wealthy life through good deeds, not through corruption or any other unwanted means. Just do the right thing so that others will follow. Dreaming big things is not bad at all when you achieve them right without aggravating anyone.
·         Violence will end when measures are taken to make it possible. Join groups whose advocacy is to eradicate violence or any of its forms. Take part in seminars or forums discussing violence and ways on ending it. With all the ideas and tools received and learned, you need to realize them and put them into action. Remember the consequences caused by the past conflicts to your country and used them as your motivation for pacification.
·         Support the efforts of the government in bringing in the necessary infrastructure and its programs for peace to benefit every citizen of the country, most especially the children.
·         Get along with your peers and those you just meet to start a new relationship. It is best if you avoid hatred before it develops into something that may only lead to destruction.   
Break the lifestyle of violence and terror brought by continual war your grandparents and parents used to live for several decades. Become an advocate of peace efforts, start it today, and leave a lasting legacy to the future generations. 

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