Mercedes-Benz Air Suspension Problems


It has been long known that air suspension systems are already installed in automobiles since the 1950s and Mercedes-Benz vehicles are not an exemption for this. These systems perform different functions such as lowering or raising vehicles on off-road and high-end vehicles and keeping them at different terrains. They are the once that make adjustments on the suspension’s stiffness to intensify the ability of the car in handling. This is reflected in Mercedes-Benz with failed air ride suspension or those vehicles with air suspension failure in Orlando, Florida. 
The air suspension can be described as a simple mechanical system that comprises the air bags, struts and compressor. The air bags are responsible for raising and lowering the vehicle. Hard impacts received by the vehicle are absorbed by the struts while protecting the air bags from hard bump compression. Meanwhile, air used for the system is supplied by the compressor. Note that the electronics of new systems like that of Mercedes-Benz S500 and Mercedes-Benz CLS550 are complex, making them very susceptible to air suspension failures or problems. 
With the increasing number of air suspension repair problems, auto repair shops are now flourishing to help out vehicle owners. In fact, advance auto repairs in Orlando Florida can fix Mercedes-Benz air suspension problems at half the price of dealer charges. There is a recent quote from a dealer for a 2007 CLS550 front air shocks parts $2069 labor $850. The work is done in parts, $1400 for the labor in repairing the parts. This only suggests the significance of comparing the quotes offered by every auto repair shop considering the expensive air suspension parts of Mercedes-Benz.
Air suspension’s air bag may become dry as the suspension comes to age, which may crack and lead to leaks and worst to breakage. This is where routine inspection of the suspension enters. The inspection should be done at major service interval to anticipate the possible problems just before they may actually occur. 


On some vehicles equipped with air suspension, air ride system may be replaced with a standard air suspension. This is performed whenever the system failed to function well and a complete overhaul becomes a requirement. For vehicles in need of strut replacement, observance of caution should be kept in mind since the coil springs under compression can be dangerous when released in their compressed condition. However, Mercedes-Benz struts seemed to be expensive that replacement is not that easy to carry out. An alternative for these expensive struts is the use of the re-manufactured struts. Usually, re-manufactured struts are disassembled and inspected while their new seals are replaced and their pressure is tested. They are actually as good as you have replaced your car’s struts with the new ones. 
Mercedes-Benz GL450 Air suspension failure and Mercedes-Benz S500 air suspension problems are now among the common issues raised by automobile owners in Orlando. Maintenance of your luxury car is just the best solution here as the total cost that may be charged to you when you send your car to a shop will be too expensive.
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