NC Fitness Gear: An Overview

If you are looking for the guaranteed, quality physical fitness equipment at best prices, just stop by NC Fitness Gear and we will be happy to serve you. We are an Australia-based retailer of fitness equipment supplying fitness accessories and gym equipment online and in store. 


Our wide range of fitness supplies including kettlebells, dumbbells as well as Crossfit equipment like plyometric boxes and bumper plates. Other products we sell are exercise equipment, gym mats, gym flooring, medicine balls, power racks, Olympic barbells, wall balls, battle ropes, weight vests, slam balls, weight sleds, home gym equipment and weightlifting equipment. 
We are proud to brag on our reputation with our extensive knowledge and experience in the physical fitness industry. We guarantee the services on fitness with our team of professional boxers, boxing trainers, personal trainers, and crossfitters. Experts are we called by our clients sine we have a better understanding of our products alongside their proper performance. It is our top priority to make our products quality-wise through our collaboration with Personal Trainers MMA, gyms, Crossfit Affiliate Box’s, and Kickboxing and Boxing Gyms. All our products undergo tests before they will be approved and become available in the market. This ensures that our products can be trusted upon.
If you are a personal trainer or gymnasium trainer, you will be impressed by out efficient fitness equipment made available at unbeatable prices. Gym flooring and EVA mats are the best that we can offer, which include Jigsaw Gym Mats, Yoga mats, and rubber gym mats. These mats are of high-quality standard making our customers regular as they are more than satisfied with their purchase. Boxing gloves, protective gear, punch bags and balls, MMA gloves, and pads and coaching equipment are included in our list of boxing equipment. If general fitness equipment is what you have in mind; treadmills, Gym Boss Timers, spin bikes, dance poles and accessories, Glute Hamstring Developers and agility equipment are our great options. There are also barbell stands, weightlifting chalk, fractional weight plates, kettlebells storage racks and kettlebells package deals in the list of our products.    
Should there be drawbacks and/or failed performance on any product purchase, we are offering a money-back guarantee. The 14-day money back guarantees period on all our products allows our clients to replace the equipment depending on the extent of the damage. This is how we stand by our products as we continue to strive for the improvement of fitness equipment. 
We ship our products anywhere within Australia at reasonable rates whether at StarTrack or Australia Post real-time rates. Expect to receive your order in 2 days, otherwise call us for non-acceptance of the product. Satisfaction on our product is important for us that we will make returns and refund on faulty or damaged items under certain terms and conditions. Just visit our official web page for information on returns process and other products and services we offer. 
Call us now and let’s get down to business or visit our NC Fitness Gear headquarters and showroom in Melbourne to have a personal test of our fitness products. 
*writing on behalf of NC Fitness Gear
*photos credit online

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