Plasti Dip Your Car and Its Accessories



Plasti Dip Your Car and Its Accessories


Winter is on and your car needs some protection, why not plasti dip it as well as it accessories? Protect the original surfaces of your car and its wheels during this season as the substance provides resistance against the harmful effect of winter ice, salt, cold and sun. How durable is plasti dip on cars? Well, it can display clean, matte look for your car while it is kept from any form of harm. How to plasti dip your car then? Follow the instructions below:


·         Prepare your plasti dip car kit and make sure that everything you need for the task is in it. The necessary materials may include painter’s tape, newspapers, spray trigger and/or spray gun, index cards, plastic gloves, water in case of emergency and painter’s goggles.


·         Look for a well-ventilated area where to house your car and avoid areas where there is direct sunlight. The best area here would be in a garage.


·         Properly wash and clean the car’s surface and make sure it is dry before you plasti dip your car. Then prepare the area where you wish to apply the substance using spray trigger or gun. It is advisable to vigorously shake the can for a minute before its application and then paint in sections. 


·         Spray the first layer of the surface so that the other layers will bond and then stick towards the paint. Increase the layers by spraying additional layers on top of the first. 


·         Once the final layer is already applied, immediately remove the newspaper or painter’s tape used before the plasti dip dries.


·         Let the substance be fully cured for four hours.


·         It is also recommended to spray the accessories or your car with plasti dip while you are painting your its main body. 


Moreover, take into consideration that projects such as plasti dip whole car need patience and enough time.
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