A Blessing From a Call

I have already posted this article at my Bubblews account and I just want to share it here to bless others as well.
A Blessing From a Call 
Health-wise, half of Monday seems unfavorable for me. I’ve been visiting the toilet now and then to vomit while at work, felt so dizzy throughout my work shift. I can’t go home early for fear that I might collapse on my way. I need to see a doctor the soonest as possible. Unfortunately, the morning-shift company physician is already out so I have to wait for the afternoon doctor. I was off from the office five minutes before time to visit the clinic and consult the doctor who then advised me to see an optometrist. Since I am so sure I can’t go to an eye doctor that very moment because I feel like I’m going to collapse my next step, I directly head to my apartment and rest to sleep for three hours.

It is already my self-proclaimed commitment to attend religious community (The Feast) worship every Monday night, but this time, it was a great challenge. I just prayed and said, “Lord, You know how I wanted to go and hear Your words yet my health temps me to do otherwise so please help me as I still feel dizzy.” I ate my dinner, got dressed, and walked a distance to the crossing to get a ride. While walking, my feet and my head are contrary to my desire to continue with my blurred vision along my way. I turn around, return, but something whispered within me, telling me to go forward, and I will be okay because God will take care of me.

After minutes of waiting, I reached SM City mall where the worship will be held; and again my feet led me to drop by an eye center to see an optometrist and had my eye checked. I was diagnosed with myopic astigmatism and need to wear eyeglasses soon to relieve my weeklong severe headaches. I then attended the worship and there, hearing them talk about the words of God and the impact and knowledge imparted by Pope Francis during his visit to the Philippines last week blessed me. It’s amazing how powerful God’s words are that even if the sound system is quite loud and the lights are bright, to which I was so sensitive in two weeks now, I was able to bear it and dance and sing with the crowd without the faint feeling. I got my eyeglasses after The Feast worship and went home with a better health condition.

I dare to confess that God makes His way to call us and bless us. We just have to pray and accept His intercession in whatever way and any circumstance.

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