The Summit


The Summit
As every mountaineer aims, reaching the summit is the very reason why we returned to Mt. Naupa in Naga, Cebu days after our first climb. Same people joined the trek with the addition of our friend who wasn’t able to make it during our first ascent. We left the city earlier with an aim to reach the campsite before the sun sets. Unfortunately, we failed to witness sunset again due to heavy traffic congestion along the way.
It seems like yesterday, as we were able to meet the same group of children who joined and helped us going up and meet the couple mountaineers we met last time at the campsite. As always been heard and said by climbers, you will always dream of and find yourself back to mountains once you’ve started to climb one. 

This is no exception to my case and, I guess, to that of my friends. I don’t know exactly the reason behind. It’s as if the peak is calling us to pay visit despite the risk. 

Same thing, we directly set our tents as we reached the campsite, the same spot we stayed before. We ate our dinner, sipped some wine to keep ourselves warm and had some chitchat with the enthusiastic kids until midnight.

Two of us in the group woke up early at 4 a.m. and started cooking as we planned to hike the summit at 7 a.m. Truly, the summit didn’t fail to offer us a stunning view of the surrounding hills and ranges of the area.
We we’re also able to share thoughts and stories with Nang Luisa, who was very excited in narrating her own story and that of her family. She offered us water to drink after descending from the summit. She even invited us to take lunch with her and the other climbers before heading home, but we resisted since some of us were still be working that day.
We immediately fixed our tents and packed our things since it’s nearing noontime and the heat of the sun is already scorching. We then started our hike down to the jump-off, stopped awhile to quench our thirst with cold soft drinks before reaching the foot of the mountain.
That’s the culmination of our climb and still aiming to return in some other time as we still have to see its spring and it still has more to offer to visitors.  ‘Til we meet again Mt. Naupa….
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