To Chalet Hills We Chill


The campsite
To Chalet Hills We Chill 
Personally, when I feel as though life becomes humdrum and boring, I always think of stepping outside my usual comfort zone and have some adventure. I found myself doing outdoor activities and being with friends and family. Lucky me, I am surrounded with friends who also have same interests with me. Since our work takes most of our time with almost no day offs and tight schedules, we dare to find ways to destress through weekend trip. We usually do this so as not to cut our regular working hours. Our next stop? Chalet Hills or locally known as Swiss Chalet in Busay, Cebu City.
Team Nature (the happy campers)
The remarkable lone tree at the hill
Unlike our previous climb at Sirao Peak, our adventure at Chalet Hills is not on getting our way there, but merely on how we found our way back to our supposed jump-off. It was fun though we somehow lost our way going there, as our supposed guide wasn’t able to come with us. Anyway, we still found our way to the hill.
Bountiful mother nature
From JY Square Mall, we rode jeepney until the corner going to Mountain View Nature Park and took motorcycle going to our supposed jump-off but went farther. It was already dark when we reached the place and found out we were lost. We asked locals for the way and realized that we were almost at the dead end of the place. We turned our back and start our almost 20 minute-hike until we reached our destination, the Chalet Hills.
View at the campsite
We were told that the foot of the hill is where a store and basketball ring can be found. As soon as we arrived, we immediately find an area where to set our tents not at the top since there are many campers ahead of us. Dinner followed after cooking, had chitchat and lights off by 11 p.m.
The store at the foot of the hill
Basketball ring just beside the store
Bright moonlit night
It was around 5 a.m. when we woke up to witness sunrise at the top of the hill. We cook breakfast and ate. We also asked the woman at the nearby store for the water source of the area. It was actually across the road, just few minutes of walk down the woods.
Sunrise at 6 a.m.
At the top of the hill
View at the top of the  hill


The way going down to the water source
The water source from a spring
Posing the last time before going down the hill
The sun is already up high and hot when we returned to the campsite so we hurried to decamp and hike back to where we drop off from the jeepney a day before.    

The road heading to the junction where we will be riding jeepney  back to JY Square


Taking the road with the other groups of campers


Yes, it wasn’t that challenging because the hill is just less than 5 minutes of walk from the main road, but the relaxation and fun the event gave us is another memory for keep. 
Where will we be heading next? It’s yet to be planned. 🙂
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