The Pasta Venture at The Old Spaghetti House (TOSH) SM City Cebu

I’ve been hearing restaurants offering unlimited services – unli rice and bottomless iced tea – and we Filipinos dig anything unlimited. However, it was first time for me to hear unlimited servings of pasta through a friend. A bit curious, I want to try it with the Pasta All You Can promo at The Old Spaghetti House (TOSH) SM CEBU.

We had this Asian Chicken Salad as appetizer and just love its great combination of chicken, shoestring potatoes, greens and mango dressing.

With my teammates, we set March 17 as our date to avail the promo. Unluckily, the Pasta All You Can promo is not served on Thursdays so we end up getting their real deal of group meal of three varieties of pasta (Alfredo, Vietnamese and Pomodoro Pesto), one whole thin-crust Hawaiian pizza, Asian Chicken Salad and a pitcher of iced tea. We just added Chicken Jambalaya to complete our order.

                                                                 Alfredo Pasta

                                                                                Pomodoro Pesto

                                                              Vietnamese Pasta

I am not a go-for-pasta person, but I tried and ate more than my usual pasta indulgence. Why? Everything I have eaten just tasted right to my palate. Of the pastas served, I love the texture of Alfredo more than the others, though all of them have decent appearance. I only consumed a slice of my favorite Hawaiian pizza, as expected.

                                                                                    Hawaiian pizza

                                                                               Chicken Jambalaya

Satisfying food aside, TOSH staff and crew are friendly in taking our orders when everyone was seated. The ambiance of the restaurant itself is rustic and enchanting, which sets you for a good dine and chitchat with your friends, family and colleagues. Its dimly lit lights, cozy couches and vintage furniture set off a romantic vibe. This is even complemented by colonial revival-decorated walls and worship-themed background music.   


Apparently, my dining experience at TOSH is worthy of great compliment for their tasty comfort food, which is absolutely appealing to customers especially the pasta diners. Thanks to our food explorer/specialist Sue, we all went out the restaurant full and satisfied. So, if you are craving for pasta, pizza and something greens for healthy eat out with family, friends and/or coulleagues, visit TOSH SM Cebu or any other branches near you. 

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