A Day Away From the Busy City Life: Mt. Babag Day Hike Via NAPO Trail




It’s when I’m disturbed by day-to-day work routine when I started bugging friends and travel buddies to go somewhere quite, a place that soothes my senses and theirs. I can’t think of no other place than the serene mountain ranges. This time, we all agreed to go day hike to Mt. Babag passing the RCPI towers via NAPO trail.
Being considered as the ceiling of Cebu City, Mt. Babag truly provides us with weekend meanderings for appeasing trek and camaraderie. I’ve learned that there are two trails you can take: one with end-point in Talisay City and the other at Mountain View Nature’s Park in Busay. The other group of climbers we have met at the entry point, at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Church, note that the difference between both trails is only an hour and a half. However, we opted to take the latter, shorter trail considering some of us will be reporting for work afterwards.
So, everyone met at the church and walked a bit to reach the market where we took a motorcycle (habal-habal) ride to Barangay Napo, our jump-off. We began our trek here and started catching our breaths while going upwards, considering the diversity of its dignifying trails and scorching heat from the sun.
There may have been steep slopes and loose soil along the way, the fact remains that it never fails to quench my thirst of fresh air and exalting view of nature.
The fresh coconut (buko) we had at the summit wraps up everything, replenishing our system and preparing us for our way back to Metro Cebu passing the RCPI towers and Mountain View.
we're almost there 
newly-found friends with the rest of the gang 
It actually took us roughly 6 hours to complete the hike including stopovers, breaks and rests.
the RCPI towers 
Some of us hire motorcycles for a ride to JY Square, while some took jeepney.
Indeed, Mt. Babag provided us comfort and peaceful refuge away from the noisy city life.
Watch the video of our adventure by travel buddy Asa Ni Queen?

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