Blue and White Summer Escapade: The Innodata Way (2016)

Innodata Escapade

Indeed, summer is perfect for family, friends, colleagues, and employees to spend time and have fun together in a non-corporate setting. I am so lucky to be part of an enterprise that looks into and cares for the social needs of its employees other than work.
Pacific Cebu Resort
This time, our company, Innodata Knowledge Services Inc., treats employees and management to a summer getaway at Pacific Cebu Resort located in Lapu-Lapu, Cebu.
our mode of transportation to and from the resort
EBSCO team
EBSCO team
The company provided everything from transportation to food, entertainment, outdoor activities and happiness to each and every one. Yes, all-expense-paid by the company to keep employee engagement and motivation. Also, it provides its management the opportunity to continue to shape corporate culture.
Everyone gets to enjoy the season as we indulged in the sea breeze, the scenic views, the swimming-attractive friendly pools, delicious foods, and the unconventional experience offered by the resort.
Pacific Cebu Resort
Pacific Cebu Resort
Pacific Cebu Resort
Pacific Cebu Resort
It was really a hot, sunny day, tempting some of us to cool off ourselves to its private beach and its pristine infinity pool, children’s pool, and sunken pool bar.
Pacific Cebu Resort
Pacific Cebu Resort
Of course, in every destination, whether local or international, no one would leave without memories to keep through our stunning photos. Pacific Cebu offers knows so well what every guest’s go-to. Tourist be like with our candid, fashionable, summer-themed, nature, underwater, panoramic, and signature photography.
Pacific Cebu Resort
Pacific Cebu Resort
Pacific Cebu Resort
Pacific Cebu Resort
Pacific Cebu Resort
Here are some photos dotting the joy and enjoyment on the faces of everybody during this summer corporate outing.   

Aqua zumba


dance contest


season’s top models


d’ amazing race

Latest Update 2019:
After 2 years, the company came back here for another summer spree with the theme “Summer Jammin 2019”. Music, entertainment, food, games, and more prizes were the highlights of the escapade. Still, all expenses were paid by Innodata to give everybody the chance to attend.
Below are photos showcasing the jam:



Here’s the video of our Summer Jammin 2019:

Know more about the Philippines here

*some photos are solicited from friends

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