Sweets All You Can at The Fudge


Cheesecake Delight


​Kidding aside, I never really expected the “eat all you can dessert” I am excited to, tagging along my not so spoiler friends, turned out to be a “call for rescue” enterprise. Imagine I was calling out friends for help on how to consume everything we ordered at The Fudge Ayala Center Cebu branch. Who would have thought that this “eat-all-you-can” promo is a clever marketing strategy? Unlike the usual eat-all-you-can I know, which is served in buffet, theirs is different. You need to eat everything you ordered or have a fourth of every dish at most otherwise, you will be billed twice.

No wonder, the crews of the restaurant keep on reminding us on how the promo works (the mechanics) and suggested to have two dishes each on our first order. You can just picture out the surprise reaction I gave to the crews as they started to bring out our orders and laid in front of us.
Crinkles & Brownies Trifle
My eyes grew big, and I literally mean this, and swallowed saliva upon seeing their plus-sized servings. “How am I supposed to eat everything, considering that they are all sweets?” The very question prompted in my mind before even making a scoop on my first dish, the Crinkles & Brownies Trifle.  We also tried their Strawberry Trifle, Pizzookie, Cheesecake Delight, and of course always the star “The Lava Cake.” We had Linguini Pesto so as to have something different savor on our taste buds.
In all due fairness though, everything we ate are delightful with oozing chocolate and cheese. I just hope they will have a buffet style of this service next time so we will be able to taste all of their menus. They also serve dishes like pastas, salads and meals other than desserts.
Foodie buddies :-)
I really had a great evening delight with these luscious desserts with my equally mindful food adventurers.
P.S. Photos credit to buddies 🙂

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