Habagat Choose Your Wild Adventure: Surviving Osmeña Peak-Kawasan Falls Traverse the Second Time Around


Joiners at the peak

Yes, been to Osmeña Peak (OPeak) a number of times already and have traversed to Kawasan Falls for the second time, but with random people and a different set of friends. Why suffer your physical self when you are supposed to rest during weekends? Crazy? Some may consider it so since it normally takes 4-6 hours of an uphill and downhill trek with lots of surprises along the way. Adventure? That is what I call it and that is how I find true rest from my busy, stressful work life 6 days in a week.
Roughly, 2 years have passed since the first time I have traversed OPeak to Kawasan with my group, Wanderer’s of Nature, for 6 hours. I never thought I would be doing this again, but it was then I realized how passionate I am on outdoor adventures. One hike follows the next then more every now and then.  I have not noticed I was actually expanding my circle of friends. Now, here I am again joining a bunch of people from different walks of life with the same goal: to get another thrill in our life.
Osmeña Peak
This second traverse was actually planned by Habagat, which they call “Pundok Habagat Choose Your Wild!adventure on February 11-12, 2017. Like the last time, we camp at the peak under humid and intermittent rain showers. It has been that kind of weather every night stay there, as expected. We have to meet new faces at the camp and did some chitchat introducing each other and sharing some of our experiences outdoor.
Osmeña Peak
Morning came and we started to eat breakfast, took some photos individually and as a group thereafter, and started to decamp for a long day traverse. We had some stretching exercises first to prepare ourselves before heading to our trail. The organizer gave us a short briefing on how the traverse will go with guides at the forefront, middle and at the end to make sure no one’s left behind.
traverse to Kawasan Falls
I was actually with an entirely different set of hikers for that traverse. I also noticed many differences along the way as some parts of the trail are already cleared and some are even cemented. We also passed different trails because some passages are already closed for hikers due to danger. 
traverse to Kawasan Falls
traverse to Kawasan Falls
We had stopovers, of course, but minimal compared before and reached Kawasan Falls just in time as planned.  Some of us got to swim to wash-up while others just relax and eat before another trek to the highway for a bus ride back to Cebu City. 
Kawasan Falls
Kawasan Falls
I call it a weekend then, with high hopes for more in the future.

kudos! we survived 🙂




Day 1 (February 11, 2017)
12:00 NN        Assembly/Meet-up at Caltex gasoline station near USJR
  1:00 PM        ETD to Dalaguete
  4:00 PM        ETA Dalaguete (last buy)
  4:15 PM        ETD from crossing to Jump off
   5:00 PM       ETA Jump off (registration) then trek to summit for photo-ops and sunset viewing
  6:00 PM        Set-up tent and Prepare Dinner
  7:00 PM        Dinner and Socials
10:00 PM        Lights Off
Day 2 (February 12)
  5:00 AM        Wake-up call for Sunrise
  6:00 AM        Prepare Breakfast and Lunch
  8:30 AM        Decamp to start the trek
12:00 NN        Lunch on Trail
  2:00 PM        ETA Kawasan Falls
  3:00 PM        Trek to Badian Highway
  4:00 PM        Homebound
  8:00 PM        Touchdown Cebu City


800 – Registration Fee inclusive of fares, guide fee, environmental fee, tent area, jersey
*excluding meals and personal expenses during the adventure
THINGS TO BRING (recommendations)
Pack light, but do bring the necessary ones:
• eating utensils
• rashguard or other swimwear
• water
• aqua shoes or slippers
• tent and/or hammock
• jacket, umbrella (in case it rains)
• sunscreen/skin protections
• hat
• sunglasses
• sarong or towel
• snacks or packed meals
• personal medication and toiletries
• camera
• lamps or flashlight
*some photos solicited from the other joiners

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