Early Morning Wake of Sob

Not too long after two hours of sleep one Saturday morning, I woke up with tears falling down my cheeks sideward towards my pillow. I just had a dream, which is supposed to be a happy one – about my mom.

Unlike my other dreams, I can still recall details of it, with my mom whom I just saw again after years of no physical contact. In my dream, I was living by myself, struck by a storm that forced me to evacuate to the first level of the apartment where I saw her cooking for me, which is the usual thing she does for the family at home. I am so happy to see her as she was away from us for several years already. I hugged her tight and unnoticed, tears continuously flowing from my eyes.

I got my eyes opened with that scenario realizing that I missed my mom so much. I was about to call when I learned it’s still 2:30 dawn so I laid back to sleep after I prayed for my mother and family’s safety.

I called her up in the morning and we just have had long conversation checking each other and the rest of the family.

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