Coming Home for God: The Kerygma Conference 2015


My admission ticket and kit
*This is an article I’ve written 2 years ago and I am reposting it since 2017 Kerygma Conference is happening at IC3 Convention Center, Mabolo, Cebu City on the 2nd of December. I’ve been blessed by The Feast and the Kerygma conferences I’ve attended and just wanna share my experience with you.
I can’t wait any other day to share how blessed I am this amazing day. I can’t thank God enough for taking me home with Him through the Kerygma Conference 2015, which just ended a few hours ago at Waterfront Hotel in Cebu City. The very theme of this year’s conference is “Coming Home,” with reference to the passage from Luke 15: 11-20, which really moved me from the beginning until the end. Kerygma Conference Cebu 2015 really is an inspirational event that I have been looking up to every year. I am always excited as if it’s my first time though it’s my third already.  
The event started with a Eucharistic celebration presided by Most Reverend Jose S. Palma himself whose homily centers on the second coming of Christ. The key points of his sermon include fulfillment rather than destruction; accomplishments rather than failures; and celebration rather than condemnation.
Kerygma Conference 2015 Theme
A series of talks encompassing the theme followed. Talk 1 given by author Bro. Jon Escoto focuses on the reinvention of business in the digital age emphasizing the significance of a network of trust (built on character). Br. Jon states “Network brings you in, trust keeps you in.” Talk 2 by Creative House founder Bro. Arun Gogna speaks about the interconnection of life, relationship, and faith with the emphasis on coming home to oneself, of who we really are. Bro. Arun says, “How you do not define who you are,” because our identity changes depending on our journey in life. Intermission and lunch break followed to end the first part of the event.
Talk 3 shared by motivational speaker Bro. Obet Cabrillas opens the afternoon session so lively with his discussion on how to deal with depression and any other associated issues of our digital life through life’s principles. Bro. Obet refers to the principles of balance is power, everything should be kept in moderation, and anything excessive is not good. He says, “The cure of depression is expression, emotional literacy and assertiveness” and makes it a point to “Use technology, love people.” Talk 4 by songwriter and preacher Bro. Alvin Barcelona speaks about parenting, coming home to our family where we are forgiven, freshened up and filled. Bro. Alvin considers home as a place where we are restored, where love is and where God is.
Bro. Bo Sanchez in his keynote address
At last, author and international speaker Bro. Bo Sanchez gave his keynote address about coming home putting emphasis on the parable of the prodigal son from the scripture Luke 15: 11-20. Bro Bo gave his message to the inherent blessings of singles, couples, and mothers. His focal point rests on acknowledging the blessings that God has already given to us. I am also quoting him upon saying “We see what we want to see.” Lucky us, the attendees, he shared his blessings by giving out his book “Life Manual 101: How to Make Your Dreams Come True” free of charge.
A gift from Bro. Bo himself 🙂
The whole event was wrapped up with songs of praises for God most high.
The book I’m planning to buy, but had it on hand for free 🙂
Indeed, I had an amazing day that it would make me feel guilty if I let it end without sharing the blessings to others. I am actually excited for another conference, so until next year then. 

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