Mending Broken Friendship

Pinky Swear, Friends, Pinky Promise, Friendship, Hands

Our friends help us grow in most if not every aspect of our life, as I believe they bring stability in the world. It is also natural with true friends to have conflicts, however, they are too precious for us to let go.  

Trying to mend conflicts within my circle of friends, I invited them to come for a videoke session also as a way of bonding with a dear friend who has just got back from overseas. They all very appreciative of the idea and were there whether in a civil way or whatsoever, as it is only them who can testify.

I’m happy to hear from one of them in a conflict that somehow it eases the burden she’s bringing years since the last time their paths crossed. The original friendship may not be successful yet, I wish and I’m optimistic that time will come their friendship be mend.

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