Osmeña Peak With the Birdie Buddies: A Friendship Camp

So what else can be better than camping with your close friends and family? How about go hiking and camping with people you less talk to and those you have just bump into first time? Well, it was a challenge at first, fun and enjoyable all along, and will be something to look forward to … Continue reading Osmeña Peak With the Birdie Buddies: A Friendship Camp

Mt. Mago: A Boundary Day Hike to the North of Cebu

The weekend is near and it only means a perfect time for the wanderer to explore the wilderness. People may find me crazy to spend my supposed rest time off work on Sundays to the wild, but I actually find it comforting to walk on hectares of land that comes with muddy, rocky, bushy trail … Continue reading Mt. Mago: A Boundary Day Hike to the North of Cebu

My Summer 2016 Ender: A Throwback

  As often said, look for a healthy diversion when you're in blue. This day is a bit mundane so I look back on happy thoughts and this one came to mind first. It's actually a year-old memory with a sweet, thoughtful friend. Just wanna share how my summer ended with a bang last year. Disclaimer: … Continue reading My Summer 2016 Ender: A Throwback

How Travel Changed My Life

Good morning atop Mt. Naupa in Naga, Cebu Do you believe that I have reached my late 20s before realizing my passion in going outdoors, meeting random people, and learning different cultures locally? Yes, it took me decades to pursue my childhood dream of exploring the country and the world, when able. Maybe because my … Continue reading How Travel Changed My Life

Malapascua Island: A Relaxing Summer Getaway

    Expensive accommodation and facilities, a variety of pricey food, foreigners outnumbering the locals are among the hearsays I’ve been hearing about the Island of Malapascua. I’ve done my own research and, truth to be told, found nothing much to see on the island except its beaches and diving sites. Thus, it remains a … Continue reading Malapascua Island: A Relaxing Summer Getaway

The Sirao Peak to Budlaan Falls Traverse Challenge


Morning view right from Sirao Peak
The Sirao Peak to Budlaan Falls Traverse Challenge
As far as my mountaineering experience is concerned, our recent climb to Sirao Peak and trek to Budlaan Falls is really a challenge we never expected. It’s likely that we were in a wild playground offering us an adventure like no other. The play area for adults with room for meeting new friends and acquaintances where sharing the journey together becomes part of the overall adventure.
City lights behind us
Sirao Peak, also called Mt. Kan-irag, is one of the camping sites already known for local mountaineers in Cebu. It’s elevation is not that high as we already reached the summit and camp site for less than an hour from jump-off. We can actually complete the trek in one day, but we opted the usual fun of camping, of course.
Dinner and Socials

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