Strangers As We Are in the City of Manila



Have you been to a place for the first time? A place where you haven’t expected to go to in an uncertain time? I did and it was really an adventure. Yes, it was unplanned and a bit hesitant to pursue at first. I was just so afraid to travel in a place I’ve just heard and seen on TV or printed publications.

Disclaimer: All thoughts expressed in this blog are based on my own. Every traveler may differ in perspectives on things they experience at traveling.


It leaves me no choice but to go as I really need to for significant matters along with my friends. We need to travel all the way to Manila and learn our way out since our contacts were unable to accompany us.


Why adventurous? We actually have to rely on our own instincts and guts for our whereabouts. Yes, it wasn’t that easy after all. We then visited some of the city’s iconic tourist spots before heading back home. Through word of mouth, Google map and GPS we found our destinations without long. Knowing the city to have unscrupulous activities and bad guys around, we need to be extra careful and cautious.



It’s really funny to think how we were able to surpass all the challenges around the city. Getting lost in a place you’re a stranger is not that scary at all. All we’ve got is the persistence and courage to get by despite the times of hesitation and wrong way of transportation. We enjoyed the whole trip bringing new lessons learned along the way.



Big Wheel









Honestly, I’m still on the hype thinking of being at the city ones without anyone to guide us except to friends who were also first-timers, and would definitely do that again.





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