My Misadventure Series (#2): The Airline Lost My Luggage

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Disclaimer: This is a personal blog. The views, opinions, and tips expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the other travelers. I’m not an expert. My purpose of writing is to share my story, hoping, somehow, to be helpful and inspirational to some – if not all.

So I have just arrived at the airport, headed to the luggage claiming section, and then realize my bag isn’t coming down the chute. I started to feel indifferent. Not again! It’s just barely a year ago when I was left behind by my supposed flight, the same route. You can just imagine how horrified I was since I’m in a hurry for work. This won’t be possible without my bag because important belongings are inside of it including my ID, room key, some gadgets, and even money. I need to have it back the soonest. I was about to get hysterical but I chose to keep calm and focus.

Try to refuse to let this cruel blow of the circumstance ruin your day. Take it from me. What I did and my advice?

  • Try not to lose your chill realizing your bag is not showing up on the carousel. Okay, that’s the instant reaction we have, just don’t let it dragged you to anything worst to happen. I know it’s difficult and somewhat insane, but try to ask yourself “Does it help?”
  • Don’t panic so you’ll be able to think properly.
  • Go to the lost-baggage counter of your airline. If you have no idea what to do, ask any airport staff what and where to go.
  • Hand over your baggage check so the personnel can check the whereabouts of your luggage.
  • File or fill out the lost baggage form indicating the specifics of your bag and its content. Take note of the airline contracts regarding lost baggage because some require you 4, 12, or 24 hours of filing after arrival.
  • Negotiate/ask how, when, and where will the airline plans to deliver your bag. In my case, they delivered it to my apartment after two hours of retrieval. If the airline failed to get your bag back in five days, it’s probably lost and it’s the airline’s responsibility to do some appropriate actions on it.
  • Once you already have your bag returned, check it and its content before the personnel leaves.

Lessons learned?

  • Never put valuable stuff or those we usually call “can’t be without it” items in your checked luggage such as IDs, laptops, money, important papers, etc.
  • Know the content of your bag before leaving and make a list of its estimated value.
  • Keep all possible receipts with you as the airline may require you to submit copies of them.
  • It’s good to have a carry handbag other than your checked luggage to store your essential documents and other stuff.

So, when this happens to you, raise your words and not your voice, okay?

As much as possible, be always mindful not only of yourself but of your belongings when traveling. No one wants the hassle when you’re supposed to have the time of your life for relaxation. Right? I do hope my misadventure will spare you from experiencing it. Have a peaceful, safe, and stress-free trip then.

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