Travel, Blog and Make Money: The How to Guidelines



Many are those who have a keen passion for traveling and generous enough to share their stories with the world. Just as what I am excited about every after my journeys, short or long. Yes, travel blogging and generating income from it is possible, but definitely not an easy task. It is a surreal thought in considering blogs as a private diary. Only a few even believe that you can monetize your travel blog.

However, a successful travel blog does not always happen overnight. Travel blogging needs you to invest not only in monetary terms but also in your effort and time. In fact, it might take some months, years or even not at all before you can build your brand. You might encounter some travel bloggers who then quit after a year of blogging or as soon as their trip ends. The primary reason for this could be the failure of bloggers to realize the work necessary for blogging.

The secret then in monetizing your travel blog is to know, understand and master your craft first. It is all up to you whether you would make it happen of just continue your passion without aiming for a monetary return. Since you are into this article to be guided on how to monetize your travel blog, some important points to ponder are discussed below.


When is the Right Time to Monetize Your Blog?

Some travel bloggers who are trying to argue on monetizing your blog right away so readers will be used to seeing advertisements on your website thereby earn money before having a significant number of audience. Others would want to say that growing an audience first is the best followed by gaining their trust, showing your content and attempting to recommend some services and products once you already gained credibility with them. Note that there is no exact number of audiences you need to have before you monetize as it depends on your chosen niche, your credibility and your commitment to your audience.

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How Do You Monetize Your Travel Blog?

Advances in technology now allow bloggers to earn from their writings. Below are some techniques to help you earn from your write-ups.

  • Diversification – Expand and try as many, is not all, of the methods so you will know what really works best. This approach is the only way for your successful travel blogging monetization. List the ways most travel bloggers use in monetizing their travel sites and narrow down ones in more detail.
  • AdSense – This platform is a simple way for you to make money online through advertisements on your travel website. The ads here underwent a review to ensure their high quality and the relevance of their content to your audience or readers. This can be great when viewed on tablets and smartphones.
  • Affiliate Programs – Commission serves as a better way of making payment arrangement instead of getting paid for any link. This is what you call affiliate marketing as a service or product from your travel blog is linked and one of your readers buys through your link. The company here tracks the link and sends you a sale percentage.
  • Focus on Building Advertisers – There are many bloggers who go for brand ambassadorships by establishing a good corporate relationship with specific advertisers. Advertisers may ask you to use their product or service and write something about it under review. They will then pay you back which can even boost the promotion of your site. It’s a win-win situation, should it be.
  • Paid Posts or Sponsored Content – Most travel blogs begin getting profit. Basically, a company contacts you through email or you can reach out to them and offer to write a review of their brand or product. The only downside for this is that it may lead to other sites, which may consider your content as some – this is a rare case though. The charge for this depends on the instance of sharing. Expansion of your portfolio is also important in sponsored posts so you can earn money from better measures.
  • Press Trips – Some tour companies or tourism board invites bloggers, especially those with a large audience, to write regarding their experiences and introduce your audience to their destination or tour. Usually, this deal covers your transportation, travel, flights, food, and entertainment throughout the trip. You can then charge your services on top of the deal as agreed.
  • Being Unique/Distinct – Be a successful blogger by being creative. Note the increasing number of travel bloggers with new financial streams day after day. You have to step out of the crowd and think and do something new.
  • Consultation – The immense knowledge accrued over several years and its value to bigger companies are considered one of the unforeseen byproducts of the blogging careers. This requires consulting services through social media and blog management.
  • Banner Ads – Although the flashing promotions brought by banner ads may be a distraction to readers, they could make more money than you might think of. This can be a very effective approach should you want extra money every month.
  • Virtual Assistance Recruitment (VA) – Hiring a VA could be your best next move once your travel blog starts earning enough. The business may not be scalable when you are doing all of the tasks. Recruit someone who can perform some tasks especially those requiring more time. This will even help you double your earnings since you can use your free time for the expansion of your travel blog.

Expand the portfolio of your travel blog along with your broadened horizons so you can generate more income from your blogging on a monthly basis. Travel bloggers earning much income are also earning their income through various channels. The measures presented above are just a few of them and they will serve as an answer on how to monetize your travel blog. Follow some or all of them and you will surely continue your passion in traveling and writing while earning from it. A passion grew to an income source. Sounds good, isn’t it?



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