Tribu AdOBo’s First Anniversary: The Hows of Us


LRM_EXPORT_438631541077_20181012_053641468 Kandungaw Peak summit (Dalaguete, Cebu)

Team Nature, D’ Nature Wanderers, Tribu AdOBo. How? When? Where? Who? Questions left me pondering. Yeah right? Knowing these guys this far? Hmmm, let’s have a rewind.

Disclaimer: All thoughts expressed in this blog are based on my own. Every traveler may differ in perspectives on things they experience at traveling.

1st Major Climb at Mt. Talinis (Dumaguete)


at Osmeña Peak (Dalaguete, Cebu)

I have co-workers who became my eat-out and outdoor buddies. However, things change at that and I seemed to be someone without peers to hang out with. I continued creating events but this time making it public. Yes, I started to open up my world to total strangers. From one event to the next, I was able to meet new creatures. I started to make acquaintances and keep some.

People come and choose whether to just pass by or stay. But there’s a bunch of earthlings I would never trade in with anything or anyone. Kidnappers. Influencers or temptations? Scammers? Haha. Never judge as they say. They just actually want to have everybody on board whenever the group hangs out. Just imagine making those unsolicited advice and strategies just to make it up on certain event or activity? This group is totally hilarious when you’re with. That’s why it feels indifferent if you happened to miss some group trips whether it’s within Cebu or outside the province.


Shimizu Island (El Nido, Palawan)

So, who are these members of Tribu AdOBo? Most of our adventures happen outdoors hence the name of the group – Tribu AdOBo which stands for Adorable Outdoor Bonding.


Kandungaw Peak (Dalaguete)

It all started here in Kandungaw Peak. And who are these mainstays after the series of climbs, camps, food trips and chitchats? None other than my fellow nature lovers, wanderers, and happy goers. They are those who are willing and even seek to be lost in the wild or in the middle of nowhere to feed their hunger for adventure. Yeah, sometimes it’s a loss of sanity and just out of the blue escapades. They will just pick you up from wherever you are and tag you along at no time and no place.


Kandungaw Peak (Dalaguete)

Guys, promise, this is in no particular order so forgive me if you might find it so.


This is Brandon – the cook. His adobo is actually an emblem of this group. And he taught me how to cook it so we won’t bug him every climb. Haha.. very clever. He’s a guide not only in our trails but in our individual lives especially to the hard-headed and those things not taken seriously. He’s a bit strict but caring to each and everyone. Be good and follow instructions else you’ll be reprimanded at no time. Lablab Don 🙂


April Christine – the photographer/videographer/vlogger/documentarian. She’s too busy capturing moments and snaps of our trips except for our climbs due to health reasons. She is pressured as she is not during our ventures but thereafter. Why? Not outright but she’s been bugged of our videos every after an event. Excited fellas? More memories to produce Pril, okay? She also cracks jokes though walay still the whole group supports, of course. It’s okay, we all have our own specialties in our own distinct way.


Brian – the happy but not so lucky for his vulnerability to falls. Are you really okay? He’s almost always likely to joke around, not quiet though. He has a serious side as well. I can count on him in planning most of our events – an indication of being gullible. Just like everyone else. Hahaha. He also serves as our trail sweeper and our official porter. Hihi.. Thanks Bri.


Isa – the great sleepy gal in her own unique way. I’d rather not go into details. She’s a cook and our walking grocery. Trekking and camping with her are never that exhausted, she seems to have all the food our stomach wants to devour. Thank you mama Sa, we won’t be starving with you. But she’s a risk taker indeed. You will worry for her guts in making adventures especially during our water rafting in Cagayan De Oro. You made me pale at that. Promise. Please be careful next time. We are no cats, we only have one precious life. It’s better to be safe than never.


Poloi – the cook and speaker most especially when he starts to indulge himself to alcohol. Saree Loi, we really have fun with your speech during socials. I can even memorize the whole of it. Hahaha. He also cooks at the camp. When it comes to dried fish (bulad), Poloi got your back.


Kring2x – the hugot queen. Should you want not to be bored while on a climb, join us. Kring2x has her limitless hugot lines (quotable quotes about love and life or anything) to whatever baggage you may want to let out from your system. She also makes us all entertained with her ala Beyonce golden voice and dance moves.


Marl – the uplifter and influencer. If he hears anyone complaining or having conflicts with our trips/adventures, he has a quick solution and advice. He will just say “undangi ng work ui ky makadaut sa lag (Stop working, it’s just a hindrance to our ventures).” Seriously? He’s actually absent in our escapades lately. It’s understood though due to his family duties. No worries, if you can’t be with us, we will be there for you. So will just crush into your place anytime. Hahaha.


Lyca – the survivor. She’s a survivor of the challenges during climbs. No matter what it takes Lycs, go for the summit. What’s so funny about her is her ever forgetfulness in bringing the necessities during the camp. First climb she only got her jacket for the 2-days, 1-night event. Why is that Lycs? She can also be a cook and a source of information on any business. She’s also a singer in the group.


Diana – the great. When it comes to obstacle race and other physical challenges, Diana would be our representative. Spartan Race and Gorilla Challenge are her go-to workouts. Never hit her if you don’t want to be hit hard with her pounds-weighed fist or receive any flying object she will just pick up. And never ask her to bring a cup of rice if you want her to come to a camp. Peace Diana.


Arr – the mestizo adrenaline junkie from Bacolod. Ask him about mountains and where-to-next adventures and he’s got a lot to share with you. He’s up for an adventure of any type – the risky and major ones. If you’re as risky as he is, might as well you join him. He even introduced us to the fun game called “Quasimodo,” which actually made him ill the following day. Tanduay is really yummy huh?


Chai – the fighter. Who would have thought that this sexy, pretty mom of 3 is a climber, trail runner, and an enthusiast of other physical activities? Challenge her and she will take it without a second thought. She also has extra baggage of quotable quotes just like Kring2x, Diana, Lyca and the newbie -Isa.


Lin and Benj – the trail runners and masters. This couple is our usual guides during day hikes. They are the light backpackers. Hmm… that explains why. Walk with run is their technique so naturally, you have to catch up with their pace so as not to be left behind. They also know most of the trails here in Cebu. So if you’re looking for a guide, contact one or both of them perhaps.


And yours truly, Stella – the wandering itinerant. The lead among the wanders, hence my pen name. Am I? Well, that’s why this group was formed. I do organize most of our events from the IT to negotiations and even to haggling. Whenever anyone thinks of an activity for the team, automatically my name will be dragged to arrange everything. It’s okay and I’m more than willing to do that but favor guys – Please do cooperate when asked about your opinion for the benefit of everyone. Clear?


attending BMC in Cebu

See, this is a group of terrorists, terrorists for a strong bond. Scammers, scammers leading you to camaraderie and true friendship through adventures. Kidnappers because we just want to keep the family we have just established intact. And best of all, teachers of life. We mostly laugh our lungs out every time we’re together but we become a teacher to each and everyone. Of course, misunderstandings are there but we make sure to fix things up so as not to break the friendship.


water rafting in Cagayan de Oro


Well, sometimes it’s hard to be in between, but it’s actually that thin line where you’re able to surpass the test of time. Happy, happy lang lageh daw walang ending (Never ending happiness) – the mantra of Tribu AdOBo. So whenever you bump yourself into our group in one of our trips, never be culture shocked. We might be a bunch of individuals with little craziness, yet we are easy and fun to be with. You will bear with our nuttiness… Awwwppp..


2nd Mt. Talinis Climb (summit)

We turned one. Imagine? One year of fun-filled adventures; a year of whirl-wind bonding and understanding of each other’s mishaps; and more years of sharing our love of nature and happiness to others.


River trekking (CEDAR, Bukidnon)


Falls Hopping (CEDAR, Bukidnon)

Tribu AdOBo?


Panimahawa Ridge (Bukidnon)

You Guys are a Mess

A Beautiful Mess

…and I wouldn’t mind messing up for years, decades or even a lifetime with you.

Because for me, traveling is not all about the destination but the people I’m traveling with.




stargazing during socials

Happy first guys! See you on our next adventures. Let’s not stop making memories and be contagious of our optimism and passion for the outdoors. Lablab you all…


Mt. Manunggal summit (Cebu)


Spelunking (Balay sa Agta in Argao, Cebu)

Here’s the video for our first anniversary by Asa Ni Quen?:

*some photos credit to friends and members

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