A Glimpse of the Mystic Island of Siquijor


Sunset at Paliton Beach

Witchcraft. Slightly spoilt beaches. Refreshing waterfalls. Mysterious sanctuaries. Exploratory caves. Interesting forest walks in hilly interior. These are the words-of-mouth from people who have just visited Siquijor, which made my wandering feet dream to step foot one day. Several plans penned mentally yet none happened until a group of travelers, Destination Dream (DNDM), posted their dream trip to the island. Too much excitement led me to tag along my fellow Tribu AdOBo friends to join the trip.

Hoping to explore much of the natural resources of the island province, we ended up having a quick visit.

Disclaimer: All thoughts expressed in this blog are based on my own. Every traveler may differ in perspectives on things they experience at traveling.

Tourist Spots Visited

This tiny island, as they say, can be toured around in one day except when you want to stay in one area for long. Among the famous destinations we stopped by include:


Balete Tree & Fish Spa

Our first stop was at the famed enchanted balete or banyan tree just a distance from the Campalanas village. Fronting the huge tree is a spring-fed pool with flesh-nibbling fishes. Unlike the fish spa at Sto. Niño Cold Spring in Camiguin, here it’s offered for free – just dangle your feet in. Just expect for a strong tickle or hurt as the fishes seemed to be dead hungry. Hmm…Is it because they are a resident here? Just kidding…


Fish Spa

If you yourself are the one hungry, no worries as Baletebistro has their own food choices to satiate your grumbling tummy. Souvenirs like traditional ointments, love potion, voodoo dolls, etc. are sold at the lower level of the bistro.



Hapitanan (Broomstick Challenge)


and that’s how it feels to become a witch (haha)

Want to have your own copy of those viral broomstick ride photos? Some of us just did it. Yes, it’s without charge, only donation. You may also sip buko juice while sitting on a bamboo chair or a traditional hammock for a rest with a stunning island overview as your backdrop.


The challenge in broomstick isn’t in the riding of course. It is in the right timing of your jump for that perfect witchy-witchy snap. A jump-shot with a twist – a broomstick- shall we say.


Lazi Convent (beside is teh church under reconstruction)

Lazi Church & Convent

Apart from San Isidro church and St. Francis de Assisi church, Lazi is the municipal address of Lazi Church and its convent. It’s already 12 high noon when we dropped by here so I opted to stay inside the van to keep away from the sun’s scorching heat.


Cambugahay Falls

Known for its cascading waterfalls and Tarzan swing, Cambugahay Falls is a favorite spot. A 135 step-walk to the waterfalls is a must to see the cascades. Jumping like Tarzan (20 pesos for unlimited jumps) is a definite no for me so I just went along with my pals for a dip at the first level. Another option here is to ride on a bamboo raft for another 20 pesos.



just a dip at the 1st level

Salagdoong Beach



Salagdoong is talked about for its cliff jump but you don’t expect me to try it. hihi… I would prefer to swim in its shallow part and just enjoy the view. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do so. We ate our late lunch here and consumed our time waiting for the food to be served. Out of mood already for the low-average customer service and pricey menu, we just headed to our next destination after the meal.


Paliton Beach, San Juan


I’m a lover of the sunset that I almost lost the chance to view it at white-sand Paliton Beach upon overhearing that we will not be stopping by. Thank God the van geared its way to this northeast area of San Juan. Truly, the water is glass-clear with a view of Apo Island afar. Sad to say but we’re only here for photo-ops because we need to go back to our rented guest house for dinner.


Tribu AdOBo (the sunset :-))

How to Get There


Liloan Port

We took a 3-4 hour bus ride from South Bus Terminal bound for Liloan Port in Santander, Cebu. We waited for the first ferry trip from the port to Negros Oriental’s Sibulan Port. There’s a food stall outside the port should you want to eat light while waiting.

After 30 minutes, we transferred to a multicab to transport us to Dumaguete City for another one-hour ferry ride to Siquijor Island.


on our way to Siquijor

We were lucky to witness the sun rising from the sea on our way to the island. We then waited for our hired van to pick us up to the guest house.

Where to Stay



DNDM chose the 2-story Sonny Lyn Guest House to shelter us for a night and 2 days. Our accommodation is great with enough amenities for its guests. It has a shared kitchen filled with utensils should you want to cook your own food like us. An unlimited videoke session is for free until 10 pm. There’s a basketball court if you want to do some dribbles in your free time.


breakfast before heading back to Cebu

On the other hand, the location of the guest house seems not appropriate and practical because it’s far from the beach, where we wanted to spend most of our stay.


with DNDM team

When Best To Go

Since Siquijor is an island and most of the activities are outdoors, it would be best to visit during summer. This can be a peak season though, especially in May – the month of feasts across the island.


My Experience

This much-awaited trip may not be what I expected, I’m still thankful to DNDM for allowing Tribu AdOBo to join their dreamed travel and for the preparation of everything. We haven’t spared most of our time across the island so we will be back one of these days to see you again Siquijor.


at the Old Balete tree


Day 1:

9 PM: Meet up at South Bus Terminal

10 PM-1:15 AM: Bus Ride (Cebu South Bus Terminal-Liloan Port, Santander)

Day 2:

4:30 AM-5 AM: Ferry Ride (Liloan Port-Sibulan Port, Negros Oriental)

5 AM-5:10 AM: Jeepney Ride (Sibulan Port-Dumaguete Port)

5:30 AM-6:50 AM: Ferry Ride (Dumaguete Port-Siquijor Port)

7 AM-10 AM: To Guest House (Relax and Breakfast)

10 AM-6 PM: Island Tour

Balete Tree & Fish Spa

Hapitanan (Broomstick Challenge)

Lazi Church & Convent

Cambugahay Falls

Salagdoong Beach

Paliton Beach, San Juan

6 PM-1 AM: Dinner and Socials

Day 3:

9 AM: Breakfast

10 AM: Guest House to Siquijor Port (stop-by a house along the way to give presence to a family)

10:30 AM-11:40 AM: Dumaguete Port

12 Noon: Stop By in Dumaguete City

2:30 PM-2:45: Tricycle Transport (Dumaguete City to Sibulan Port)

3:30 PM-4:10 PM: Ferry Ride (Sibulan Port-Liloan Port)

4:30 PM-8:30 PM: Bus Ride (Liloan Port-Cebu South Bus Terminal)

Estimated Budget:

215 – Bus fare (Cebu South Bus Terminal-Liloan Port)

70 – Ferry fare (Liloan Port-Sibulan Port)

20 – Jeepney fare (Sibulan Port-Dumaguete City Port)

170 – Ferry fare (Dumaguete Port-Siquijor Port)

250 – Guest House rent (shared by 15)

178 – Tourist van rent (shared by 15)

10 – Entrance fee at Balete Tree

30 – Entrance fee at Cambugahay Falls

75 – Entrance Fee at Salagdoong Beach

Total = 1,018 (excluding food and other personal expenses)

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*Some photos credit to Asa Ni Quen and DNDM.

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