Snow World Cebu: Expectation vs. Experience


What’s new? What’s in the craze? Well, it’s the new icy adventure here in Cebu. Snow World Cebu has been the talk of town several months ago and it finally opened last Sunday (November 11, 2018) Belmont One, Anjo World Theme Park in Upper Calajoan in Minglanilla, Cebu.

How was my first snow theme park visit?

Disclaimer: All thoughts expressed in this blog are based on my own. Every traveler may differ in perspectives on things they experience at traveling.


The First Impression

Doubtful yet still went. I wasn’t really that excited. It’s actually a mixture of feelings. The rules published are the prime reasons why I’m hesitant. But my wandering mind is bugging me to go, and so I went with some friends.


The Queue

It seems that the majority of our time there was spent queuing in different lines. We lined up for the gate entrance, for the ticket, shoes rental, claiming of bonnet, gloves and jacket, and for the claiming of photos taken by their official photographer. It’s all exhausting with the scorching heat of the sun outside.



Truly, they gave out free bonnets for the first 500 guests but not a pair of gloves (25 pesos), ear cover (100), and jacket (to be returned after use).
There’s a brief orientation when we were inside the building before we got inside the very cold hall. We were told not to touch anything inside except when you have 5000 pesos to spare as a penalty. Since the temperature inside is at -10°, we are advised to raise our hand when you can’t tolerate the cold.

Health Issues

People with health issues like asthma, hypertension, fever, heart problem, previous bone operations, pneumonia, and cold are advised not to get in or to consider their endurance of the cold temperature inside. Pregnant women are also not allowed to enter the park.


Cameras of any kind, phone camera, and video camera are strictly prohibited inside. They have in-house photographers inside to capture moments and every photo is worth a hundred pesos (100). You have an option not to get the photo if you don’t like its print quality. Soft copy is not available at that time so never bother to ask. I’m not techy but I guess the reason for the prohibition is because the temperature may have a great effect on the gadgets.


shoes for rent


Wear closed shoes or rubber shoes when you go there. Slippers, high heels, and sandals are not allowed inside. Shoe rental is available though (rent during opening and I’m not certain if it’s still free until now).
Three years old and above children are allowed but should be accompanied by their guardians.

What’s Inside

Upon entering, huge ice sculptures will welcome you to teh world of snow.


taken at the second level of the park

Ice Sculptures

In terms of the attractions inside, everything is for your eyes only. There are huge ice sculptures of Christmas trees, snowman, reindeers, and more. A small cabin with an electric fireplace may serve as a stopover to get a bit of warm if you’re already freezing.


still calm in here (what happenen next? hihi)

Ice Slide

We’ve tried their long ice slide and it was really fun. It’s wide enough to have five people sliding together. I guess it would be nicer to slide alone for a smooth, easy and enjoyable slide.

Snow Playing

Yes, you can play with the snow-like ice flakes but how can you when you nearly can’t even feel anything out of coldness? The next minutes after an hour stay inside may only make the whole of you numb.


Final Thought

Overall, the whole experience is just fine for adults like us but it’s a surprise for our 11-year old companion. Perhaps, if the temperature is not that cold for our system, we could have had enjoyed and spent more time inside.


Winter Kids Play

Though it’s unlimited and you may go back inside, we opted to just go home rather than to stand in line again for hours.


The whole system was below average. The crews’ rules and decisions were in no coordination, leaving guests in doubt on the right policies. Yes, it’s just your first day but should have anticipated the crowd and prepared for the busy operation.


photo-op with snowman outside

Everything is just fine but customer service should be excellent to continue a business like this. In fact, after four days in operation, the park was closed for two days due to its continuous adjustments. Snow World, keep up everything to stay in the industry.

Go visit Snow World Cebu and be the judge of your own experience.



it’s good to know




For more information, visit their FB Page.


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