Siargao+Sohoton – Where Leaving the Surfers’ Paradise is a Heartbreak

Siargao? Too expensive. It may not be as safe as you thought. The food is a bit pricey. It’s too far. The few setbacks, or shall we say precautions, I’ve been told before getting here. Eager enough, my wandering soul bugs “you should go no matter the odds,” so I went.  Besides, I’ve already booked … Continue reading Siargao+Sohoton – Where Leaving the Surfers’ Paradise is a Heartbreak

Best Places for Vacation in August

Summer has been in full swing in many countries in past few months, but still on its way in others. How about you? Have you been wondering where to spend the rest of your vacation days in August? You might want to check out the following destinations and find your next go-to vacation. Boracay in … Continue reading Best Places for Vacation in August

Work-at-Home Mom Issues: Finding Solutions on How to Overcome the Challenges

Are you a mom who has been working at home and been challenged by some issues? These issues should not be left unsolved as they may overwhelm you and the rest of the family. You don’t have to be enduring all these for the rest of your life. As a work-at-home mom, you are supposed … Continue reading Work-at-Home Mom Issues: Finding Solutions on How to Overcome the Challenges

Keeping Your Weight Ideal Throughout Pregnancy

  We often see pregnant women gain weight during pregnancy. This is actually a natural and an expected part in bearing a child. However, gaining extra weight in pregnancy is not ideal although gaining weight is necessary and healthy in this case. Knowing when to say that additional weight is too much could sometimes be … Continue reading Keeping Your Weight Ideal Throughout Pregnancy

Treating Migraine Naturally

Majority of us seems to be so attached with modernity that almost all things are dependent on technology just as in medication. This is so true in cases of migraine attacks when we directly resort to prescription drugs or remedies for the illness. Actually, there are natural ways on how to get rid of this … Continue reading Treating Migraine Naturally

NC Fitness Gear: An Overview

If you are looking for the guaranteed, quality physical fitness equipment at best prices, just stop by NC Fitness Gear and we will be happy to serve you. We are an Australia-based retailer of fitness equipment supplying fitness accessories and gym equipment online and in store.    Our wide range of fitness supplies including kettlebells, … Continue reading NC Fitness Gear: An Overview

Look, Stay Young With Botox

  The natural cycle of life leads us to the reality of living it accordingly including the years of aging. What we just want to do next is to feel active, feel important and make our body a mirror reflecting youthful hearts and minds. This is where botox or botulinum toxin comes in, which is … Continue reading Look, Stay Young With Botox

Know Everything About Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is often associated with artificial procedures, but it actually involves the reconstruction of defects on the body and facial tissue caused by trauma, birth disorders or trauma. It is considered as a surgical procedure that generally improves one's physical features except the central nervous system. It may involve the skin, maxillofacial and congenital … Continue reading Know Everything About Plastic Surgery