When Neglected

Neglect comes so easy when you're short of people's expectations of you. I'm also human. I have limits. I mess on things at times. I'm also hurt. I do cry. I thought I'm already inured by the failures, disappointments, mishaps, and misfortunes life shares me with. I thought I'm strong enough to accept everything life … Continue reading When Neglected

Mending Broken Friendship

Our friends help us grow in most if not every aspect of our life, as I believe they bring stability in the world. It is also natural with true friends to have conflicts, however, they are too precious for us to let go.   Trying to mend conflicts within my circle of friends, I invited … Continue reading Mending Broken Friendship

A Love Story of a Successful Second Marriage

One lazy afternoon, I browsed my laptop's folders and found a blog, read it, and realized I was actually thinking about marriage years ago as I was able to create a love story about a successful second marriage. Here it goes... Oftentimes I got praise from my husband telling me that he never knew true … Continue reading A Love Story of a Successful Second Marriage

Coming Home for God: The Kerygma Conference 2015

  My admission ticket and kit   *This is an article I've written 2 years ago and I am reposting it since 2017 Kerygma Conference is happening at IC3 Convention Center, Mabolo, Cebu City on the 2nd of December. I've been blessed by The Feast and the Kerygma conferences I've attended and just wanna share … Continue reading Coming Home for God: The Kerygma Conference 2015