The Real Neat Blog Award

  Sharing my journey and thoughts, especially my travels, through writing is a passion. Later did I know that there really are people reading them from different parts of the globe. It’s even a way for me to communicate with the readers online through offline. Yes, it’s overwhelming, more than that if there’s any I … Continue reading The Real Neat Blog Award

Effective Methods in Buying Instagram Views

The practice of increasing the number of followers on Instagram in a short period of time is generally referred to as Instagram follower buying. You can actually get a service to boost your online outreach if you have not been able to build followers or views on Instagram. Here are some steps you can take … Continue reading Effective Methods in Buying Instagram Views

The Sirao Peak to Budlaan Falls Traverse Challenge


Morning view right from Sirao Peak
The Sirao Peak to Budlaan Falls Traverse Challenge
As far as my mountaineering experience is concerned, our recent climb to Sirao Peak and trek to Budlaan Falls is really a challenge we never expected. It’s likely that we were in a wild playground offering us an adventure like no other. The play area for adults with room for meeting new friends and acquaintances where sharing the journey together becomes part of the overall adventure.
City lights behind us
Sirao Peak, also called Mt. Kan-irag, is one of the camping sites already known for local mountaineers in Cebu. It’s elevation is not that high as we already reached the summit and camp site for less than an hour from jump-off. We can actually complete the trek in one day, but we opted the usual fun of camping, of course.
Dinner and Socials

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Blue and White Summer Escapade: The Innodata Way (2016)

​ ​​ ​ Indeed, summer is perfect for family, friends, colleagues, and employees to spend time and have fun together in a non-corporate setting. I am so lucky to be part of an enterprise that looks into and cares for the social needs of its employees other than work. ​​   This time, our company, … Continue reading Blue and White Summer Escapade: The Innodata Way (2016)

A Day Away From the Busy City Life: Mt. Babag Day Hike Via NAPO Trail

      It’s when I'm disturbed by day-to-day work routine when I started bugging friends and travel buddies to go somewhere quite, a place that soothes my senses and theirs. I can’t think of no other place than the serene mountain ranges. This time, we all agreed to go day hike to Mt. Babag … Continue reading A Day Away From the Busy City Life: Mt. Babag Day Hike Via NAPO Trail

Wandering Negros Oriental

      It’s been a year since we planned to visit a colleague, friend Megie in her home town in Negros, Oriental and to see the place as well. Last year, we are supposed to attend the christening of her baby Mejellah Maelle, but wasn’t able to realize it. We make it a point … Continue reading Wandering Negros Oriental

After Disaster Cleaning Services

After Disaster Cleaning ServicesQuick action is necessary to ensure personal safety and to avoid further damage caused by a disaster. This is where disaster cleaning service providers come in and take responsibility for the required work. One of these companies is After Disaster Cleaning – Montreal, which aims to ease the cleaning process after natural … Continue reading After Disaster Cleaning Services