D2K: The 3D2N Mt. Dulang-Dulang Traverse to Mt. Kitanglad

Would you rather pursue a dream that fears you most or continue dreaming for the rest of your life? I’ve been traveling, passing through the Kitanglad Mountain Range almost my whole life being. Every time I got a glimpse of it, hopes of actually getting at its highest point is always at my mind's back. … Continue reading D2K: The 3D2N Mt. Dulang-Dulang Traverse to Mt. Kitanglad

Beyond Distance: Adventures to CDO and Bukidnon

“Where are you?” a caller asked. “In a place where heartaches mend,” she replied. This is the conversation I overheard from the lady sitting just behind me while on my way to Cagayan de Oro to meet my friends (TribuAdOBo). Is my hometown, Bukidnon, really a place to be for the brokenhearted and in pain? … Continue reading Beyond Distance: Adventures to CDO and Bukidnon

A Road Trip to Bukidnon: Heading North With the Family

“How much have you traveled your hometown?” A random person messaged me once. That very question left me pondering for some time. Later did I know I was actually a tourist of my own hometown. It’s kinda embarrassing (a bit) on my part since I’ve traveled much to other cities and provinces than my birth … Continue reading A Road Trip to Bukidnon: Heading North With the Family

Bukidnon: Becoming a Tourist of My Own Province

Proud to be a daughter of Bukidnon, which I personally dubbed as “The Province of Greens.” You’ll know why as you go wander with me in this beautiful, scenic province where I was born and where keep going back wherever I may roam because it is where I belong. To Bukidnon The landlocked province of … Continue reading Bukidnon: Becoming a Tourist of My Own Province

Quenching My Thirst for Nature: Mt. Capistrano Day Hike

As per request by a friend. Here’s my first climb experience in Bukidnon more than a year ago. Enjoy the read. 🙂


Mt. Capistrano
Jump-Off Point
Knowing Bukidnon as home for famous mountains and mountain ranges, I would be depriving myself of what it can offer me if I’ll go back to Cebu without climbing one of them. Who would have thought they were awaiting for me in my own hometown. Since I would only have limited number of days to stay, I will take the challenge one at a time, and Mt. Capistrano is a good start for this year. Lucky enough, I have a friend/schoolmate who’s also into outdoor activities.
With my friend/schoolmate who serve as one of my guides
I have learned that rocky Mt. Capistrano is notable among the small mountains in the province, which is visible in the highways of Malaybalay City. It towers an average of 2,000 feet above sea level and humbly crowned with…

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Musuan Peak: The 10-Turn Day Hike

It may be ironic, but yes, I have been passing Musuan Peak 4 years of my college life without setting foot even on its base since I’ve known it to be frequented only by teachers and students when doing botanical and zoological research. It even took me several climbs in Cebu before I had one … Continue reading Musuan Peak: The 10-Turn Day Hike

Undeniably Beautiful Lake Apo

Undeniably Beautiful Lake Apo      I have been hearing about a lake in my hometown, but never got the chance to visit it until this summer.  It’s named Lake Apo. It’s so funny how I thought the lake is located in Davao when I was still in high school. I never thought it is, … Continue reading Undeniably Beautiful Lake Apo