23 Ways Hiking Makes You Healthier

  Making hiking a regular habit has got many health benefits. It helps to manage your weight in the right ratio or even at times helps to lose your extra pounds. Even one hour of a hike would help you burn around 400 – 500 calories approximately. Weight loss results seem to be greater if … Continue reading 23 Ways Hiking Makes You Healthier

Osmeña Peak With the Birdie Buddies: A Friendship Camp

So what else can be better than camping with your close friends and family? How about go hiking and camping with people you less talk to and those you have just bump into first time? Well, it was a challenge at first, fun and enjoyable all along, and will be something to look forward to … Continue reading Osmeña Peak With the Birdie Buddies: A Friendship Camp

Mt. Mago: A Boundary Day Hike to the North of Cebu

The weekend is near and it only means a perfect time for the wanderer to explore the wilderness. People may find me crazy to spend my supposed rest time off work on Sundays to the wild, but I actually find it comforting to walk on hectares of land that comes with muddy, rocky, bushy trail … Continue reading Mt. Mago: A Boundary Day Hike to the North of Cebu

How Travel Changed My Life

Good morning atop Mt. Naupa in Naga, Cebu Do you believe that I have reached my late 20s before realizing my passion in going outdoors, meeting random people, and learning different cultures locally? Yes, it took me decades to pursue my childhood dream of exploring the country and the world, when able. Maybe because my … Continue reading How Travel Changed My Life

A Blessing From a Call

I have already posted this article at my Bubblews account and I just want to share it here to bless others as well. A Blessing From a Call  Health-wise, half of Monday seems unfavorable for me. I’ve been visiting the toilet now and then to vomit while at work, felt so dizzy throughout my work … Continue reading A Blessing From a Call

Treating Migraine Naturally

Majority of us seems to be so attached with modernity that almost all things are dependent on technology just as in medication. This is so true in cases of migraine attacks when we directly resort to prescription drugs or remedies for the illness. Actually, there are natural ways on how to get rid of this … Continue reading Treating Migraine Naturally

NC Fitness Gear: An Overview

If you are looking for the guaranteed, quality physical fitness equipment at best prices, just stop by NC Fitness Gear and we will be happy to serve you. We are an Australia-based retailer of fitness equipment supplying fitness accessories and gym equipment online and in store.    Our wide range of fitness supplies including kettlebells, … Continue reading NC Fitness Gear: An Overview