Travel, Blog and Make Money: The How to Guidelines

  Many are those who have a keen passion for traveling and generous enough to share their stories with the world. Just as what I am excited about every after my journeys, short or long. Yes, travel blogging and generating income from it is possible, but definitely not an easy task. It is a surreal … Continue reading Travel, Blog and Make Money: The How to Guidelines

How Travel Changed My Life

Good morning atop Mt. Naupa in Naga, Cebu Do you believe that I have reached my late 20s before realizing my passion in going outdoors, meeting random people, and learning different cultures locally? Yes, it took me decades to pursue my childhood dream of exploring the country and the world, when able. Maybe because my … Continue reading How Travel Changed My Life

How teachers may influence their students to take their subject seriously

Teachers with good rapport with their students may encourage them to take their subject seriously by setting an example. The teachers may easily influence their students by demonstrating the benefits of the subject through activities. They should also make this consistently, one step at a time but gradually.