Single Mothering as a Superior Parenting Approach: A Successful Second Marriage Story

Single Mothering as a Superior Parenting Approach: A Successful Second Marriage Story

I love every piece about parenting in helping us understand various approaches and what may not or what works. I hate a piece that essentially debates, that there is only one way of doing it, whether how to hold the child, plastic or cloth diapers, breastfeeding, sleep training and potty training. You are a single mother; you made the best of difficult challenges, passed the winning combination of grit and encouragement, and raised two daughters. This is a successful second marriage story that can be an inspiration.

I commend and applaud you which you deserve. To raise a child is very hard and the more difficult with little resources. To raise a child who seems to have determination, grace and humility despite of few resources is praise-worthy and even harder. Being a single mother is really a better parenting approach. To pretend that single mothering is a superior parenting approach for any person other than people for whom it is a success story mocks and ignores all the single mothers who became single mothers not by option, but because they cannot meet their needs and have been abandoned.

All the single mothers struggle with medical issues, exhaustion or mental illness, or several circumstances that make their parenting experience very taxing and hard, and the limitations of the parent who is present and whose kids pay the price having one parent. I can only think that the hope of pregnant women commonly involves maximum resources and most women need a partner who help them. Most women prefer to have loads of opportunities, good schools, time, job and money. However, people cannot frequently control whether all of it will work out. There are bad parents and good parents, like in households with two parents. There are also kids with several issues no matter how loving their parents are/parent is, viewing their parents as useless.

Studies show that kids with parents who are not married are thought to be failures. They are supposed to get pregnant, abuse drugs and end up in prison instead to graduate from school. One-fourth of kids are supposed to undergo the type of emotional havoc that makes them useless forever. There is no data that cite that these children may have the same route regardless of the number of adults who slept down the hall. What a great successful second marriage story.

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