Eating Habits That Make You Fat

Eating Habits That Make You Fat

Because of the kind of lifestyle people have in this contemporary world along with technological advancements, lots of them may find it difficult to maintain a healthy body or gain weight. This may be the outcome of an advance age, low appetite, or illness. So to safely increase your body weight, you have to consume more calories than the amount you burn. This suggests that you should add extra calories to your diet by eating nutritional and healthy foods and prevent junk foods. 

First and foremost, make calculations to the number of calories that eat normally. Track the amount and type of foods you consume for a few days to determine the type of weight gain program that your body needs. Once you already have the necessary measurements, adjust your own eating style of habits. You need to make sure that you have eaten three meals daily coupled with high-calorie snacking between each meal as well as at bedtime.  

Try to add nutritional food supplements to your diet. There are actually many supplements developed to help you gain and maintain a healthy weight. Take full advantage of liquid meal replacement shakes and add them to your daily solid diet instead of replacing your regular meals. Another option for these is meal replacement bars and protein bars. 

Gain extra pounds by eating more carbohydrates that are rich in calories. Among these calorie-dense foods are cereals, beans, potatoes, bread, rice, and pasta. Avoid foods that from overly refined carbohydrates such as sweets and bread because they have little or no nutritional value at all, although they are high in calorie level. It is highly recommended that you eat foods with complex carbohydrates to nourish your body. 

You need to add foods with more healthy fats into your diet. Eat foods with monounsaturated fats like canola oil and olive oil to add more flavor and calories to dishes cooked at home without increasing risk of heart disease. Try to make your own salad dressings with vinegar and olive oil. If you look for satisfying crunch as well as fiber and fats and satisfying crunch, you may add almonds to your yogurt, salads and cereal. 

Gradually increase the sizes or portions of your foods. Start with a single meal, and then slowly increase the servings by adding extra food item so as to increase your intake of calories. Have an extra slice of toast for breakfast or an egg or peanut butter. Get rid of drinking fluids with your meal so that your stomach will not be filled up quickly. Drink only when you’re done with your meal as much as you can. Always add extras to your food intake whenever and wherever you can. Feel free to the flavorful additions to your diet to increase the calories of your snacks and meals. Have some alternatives and additions to your common meals or snacks or food choices such as preparing oatmeal with whole milk rather than water, spreading butter to the bread, and adding cream to the coffee. Add extra meat or nuts to the salads and cheese, condiments and vegetables to the sandwiches. 

Instead of eating fresh fruits, try munching dried fruits or canned fruits. Research shows that a glass of fruit juice provides you with extra calories to your diet and does not fill your stomach. 

Although most of us consider exercise as a great source for weight loss, it can also help build the bulk of your body. This points out that increase in exercise may also increase your appetite and gain you extra weight.  

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