My Misadventure Series (#1): I Have Missed My Flight!


Traveling is definitely fun, no argument on that, but there are times when inevitable things happen out of your own control or simply because of your anxiousness. Travel mishaps can quickly turn your supposed awesome trip into a headache or worse a disappointment of not traveling anymore. Well, I have been traveling and learning lessons from my own misadventures. I’m sharing them with you to keep you aware and avoid whenever you can. This is not to say that the misadventures I’ll be sharing will not happen again, but at least can be minimized. Hopefully, we are in the same terms here.

Disclaimer: All thoughts expressed in this blog are based on my own. Every traveler may differ in scenes on things they experience at traveling.

Misadventure #1: I Have Missed My Flight!

It’s been a vow for me to go home every Christmas or New Year and I’m used to do air travel. I knew my flight schedule and checked it before leaving for the airport. I was at the check-in counter, happy to see no one queuing, though wondering why. The attendant approached and asked where am I heading to. Eager enough to get in directly to the plane, I handed off my ticket. I was literally shocked to be told my scheduled flight has just departed. What???? How come when I’m earlier than the schedule? I’ve been through a lot just to get there on time including the 4-hour bus ride, one-hour taxi ride due to heavy traffic; and be struck by the statement “Ma’am the plane has just departed.” I immediately snagged my ticket back and rechecked the time of departure. I started to almost cry out when I realized the departure time I believed was actually the time of my arrival. It’s already late in the evening and was notified that it was the last flight for the day. I need to have an instant alternative. Well, I don’t actually have any other option than to take a boat. This means I need to ride a taxi back to catch the boat schedule, which costs me 300 pesos plus nearly a thousand boat fare. Luckily, I still have extra money left from vacation.

Learn it from me. If you’ve missed your flight, take a minute to freak out first. ‘Common it’s almost everybody’s initial reaction, right? When you have it out of your system, regain your composure, and your wit is about you again, take these steps to keep your course right.

  • Relax and have your sanity back.
  • Assess all the available options you can take.
  • Know the schedule of flights and find one for you.
  • Rebook a flight if there’s still one for you.
  • Avoid replaying the misfortune in your head.
  • Accept defeat as the damage has been done already and there’s nothing you can do now but to move on. Be hurry if you have limited time for your next ride.
  • Just look on the brighter side of this circumstance. Yes, you are wasting time and money on rebooking your ticket and should have been at your destination. Come to think of it, you are still alive and well. Isn’t it something you should be thankful of?
  • Notify your next appointments (if you have) for delays or cancellations.

Lessons I learned?

  • Always check your ticket properly, both the departure and arrival date and time.
  • Be mindful and follow the two-hour pre-departure stay in the airport. I’m guilty of this almost every trip to the airport or port I have. I never realize its value until this incident. Misfortunes can happen anytime and beyond our control. It remains better to wait than to be left behind. As we always say, be safe than never.
  • Be prepared for mishaps by having plan A, B, and so on if possible.
  • Have extra cash in your pocket for unexpected expenses. Yes, cash, you might need it outright although ATMs are now available in the airport.

How about you? Have you ever missed any flight? How did you deal with it and keep your sanity?


6 thoughts on “My Misadventure Series (#1): I Have Missed My Flight!

  1. Although I never missed any flight, I could imagine the stress. I would freak out too. You are right. It’s not the end of the world. If that happens, we just have to deal with it. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. I laughed, sorry. Years ago, my first wife and I were scheduled to fly to Africa for our Peace Corps assignment in Liberia. We went to SF and caught a flight to JFK. (Why they lets us on the plane in SF, I haven’t a clue. It sure wouldn’t happen today.) Anyway, we got to JFK and there were no Peace Corps Volunteers to be found. On double checking our tickets, I discovered that the whole group had left for Africa the day before. It was traumatic, but we eventually made it. –Curt

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    • Hi Curt Mekemson! Thanks for dropping by. It’s okay. I too am laughing everytime I recalled it. Oh, you’re story is more worse than mine. Sorry to hear that. Good thing it went well. Checking the ticket properly is really a must.. Have a great day always 🙂

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