Traversing Mt. Manunggal-Mt. Mauyog: A Random Journey


Mt. Mauyog’s Peak

Would you rather spend time with random people having spontaneous fun with, or spend time with long-known people doing the same boring routine? Just as when you meet new pals with the feeling and camaraderie of having known each other for such a long time. I’m still on hype though. This group made my weekend. The laughs. The jokes. The teasing. The almost unending stories of adventures. Men! You guys are awesome! You made me too excited to share how we manage to converse and just let loose of ourselves, feeling so comfortable of not being judged by anyone. Free-spirited minds, should I describe it.

Disclaimer: All thoughts expressed in this blog are based on my own. Every traveler may differ in perspectives on things they experience at traveling.


Mt. Manunggal’s Peak

Alright, let the story begin…


Adventurers as we are we almost always want to discover, learn something new. Yeah??? Well, since most of the trekkers traverse from Mt. Mauyog to Mt. Maununggal, let’s make it the other way around. And mind you guys, I’m a self-proclaimed thrifty traveler, I find ways to make a thousand-worth travel into a hundred-worth getaway whenever possible. While plotting the event, I realize two major thumbs up why this route is preferable than the other. Why? The Mt. Manunggal to Mt. Mauyog traverse is actually much cheaper and less time-consuming. We may have had some mishaps, but lesser than my previous adventures. The fun is actually there though. It’s even part of the adventure, isn’t it? 


Mt. Manunggal’s Campsite (behind: half-body statue of late Philippine President Ramon Magsaysay)

From the over 20 confirmed joiners who were supposed to be at the event, off we went by 10. It affected our estimated budget and plan, but there are unavoidable circumstances so there’s nothing we can do than to pursue.


Brgy. Sunog Checkpoint

We met-up at Ayala PUV Terminal for our chartered jeepney ride and fetch the other 2 at JY public market. It took us more than an hour to reach corner Barangay Sunog, Balamban and to our surprised stopped by a check-point asking for an entrance fee of P80 per guest (P20 each for DENR, layman, barangay, and coop). We were told that it’s the new policy of the barangay and it’s the first day of its implementation. Doubting the validity of it, we look for any ordinance or order from the barangay officials but there’s nothing they can show us. We want, need to talk to their captain, but for some reason, he couldn’t be found and reached. It’s already eating up our time that we need to pass and just notify the captain we are at the campsite if they insist us to pay. Legality is what we’re claiming for future visitors to be informed. We are more than willing to pay, of course, for the right reasons. 


way down to the campsite

The journey continues, to reach the jump-off point of Mt. Manunggal for 15 minutes then down to the campsite for approximately 10 minutes. We search for a perfect spot for our night-stay and left our things wishing to catch the sunset at its peak. Unfortunately, we somehow lost our way because of the “no trespassing” signage and the succumbing night fall. We find our way to the peak but we are risking our own safety. We decided to do it early morning the following day instead.


the magnificent sunset bidding goodbye


the socials

There are actually 3 trekkers ahead of us at the campsite. We pitched our tents, prepared our dinner, and did socials. It’s just so overwhelming to think how we got along right away though some of us barely know each other and some we just met the first time. We even laugh at each other carelessly with much confidence not to be neglected or left behind.


A beautiful morning everyone! ready to hit 2 peaks today? 🙂


are you okay there Brandon? 😉


Go April! Those sharp stones are nothing 😉



The Peak


Oh My!


Morning came and we still need to hit 2 neighboring peaks. We had light breakfast of hot water, bread, and noodles before leaving for Mt. Manunggal’s peak. After 2 and half hours, we were back at the campsite for our mid-morning meal before decamping for Mt. Mauyog. Learn more about the historical background and more about Mt. Manunggal from my previous blog “Manunggal Where Dear President Ramon Magsaysay’s Life Ended.”


filling our tummy for another summit


Leaving the campsite for Mt. Mauyog


An indication where to go (right to Mt. Manunggal and left to Mt. Mauyog)

From Mt. Manunggal jump-off, it took us 30 minutes to reach Mt. Mauyog’s jump-off where we were required to pay P300 for 5 trekkers and P30 each for the disturbance fee. Disturbance fee, not an environmental fee. Yeah, I can feel you. Quiet amused I asked and was told that the supposed farmland will not be used in farming anymore because of the trekkers hence the term. Our haggling skill was tested again and luckily we only paid 500 guiding fee for our group of 10.


Jump-off point to Mt. Mauyog


seeing the peak from the foot of the mountain


the way up to the peak.. just keep going guys.. we can do this

Reaching the steep peak of sharp rocks and big boulders only took us 30 minutes. View at the peak, especially at the brain-like structure, is stunning. There are actually two spots of the summit (the brain-like and the sharp, steep boulders). We did our daredevil moves and posts again for the best pictures we could capture. Rested there for a while and felt the breeze of slowly forming fogs around the area.   



the well-known brain-like structure of Mt. Mauyog


the other part of the peak

The jeepney is already waiting for us at the foot of the mountain, so we hurried down for our ride back to Cebu city.

More Photos


hanging around (literally)


sun rising up high early morning


stealing guavas? what the…..kidding  😉


preparing for the second summit


pondering where to next… hihi

Another grateful weekend was spent with random people at random places. It’s an honor to have crossed my path with you guys. ‘Til we meet again nature wanderers.     


Day 1

02:30-03:00 PM: Meet-up at Ayala PUV Terminal

03:00 PM: ETD from Ayala PUV Terminal

04:30 PM: ETA at Crossing Barangay Sunog

05:30 PM-05:40 PM: ETA at Mt. Manunggal Campsite from Mt. Manunggal Jump-Off Point

05:50 PM: ETD to Mt. Manunggal Peak but failed since it’s getting dark already

06:50 PM: ETA @ Campsite (pitch tents, dinner, socials)

Day 2

05:00 AM: Wake-Up Call/Prepare Light Breakfast

06:30-07:00 AM: ETA at Mt. Manunggal’s Peak

07:45-08:00 AM: Back to Campsite

08:00-10:00 AM: Mid-morning meal and Decamp

10:00-10:50 AM: ETA at the Foot of Mt. Mauyog (registration and guiding fee)

11:00-11:30 AM: ET to reach the Summit

12:30 PM: Back to the Foot of Mt. Mauyog

2:00 PM: ETA at JY Square

—-End of Adventure—

Estimated Budget

PHP (450 – Chartered Jeepney fare (back and forth) supposedly it’s 300 each if we’re at least 15 passengers (Jeepney Owner – Randel @ 09352937690)

PHP 50/each – Camp and Facility Use (PHP 20) and Shared Meal cooked by the land’s owner (PHP 30) at Mt. Manunggal

PHP 30 – Disturbance fee (Mt. Mauyog)

PHP 50 (500/10 pax) – Guide fee (Mt. Mauyog)

Total = 600/trekker (excluding food and personal expenses)


Bring trail food

Bring at least 1 liter of water

Bring ion-rich beverages or energy drinks like Gatorade to prevent cramming

Sun, prickly plant and skin/body protection from like pants, cap, jacket, umbrella, first aid kit

Waterproof your belongings, in case of heavy downpours

Bring extra clothes and extra cash for emergency purposes

Wear trekking shoes or sandals with good traction for slippery rock and loose soil

Camp gear (tent, headlamp, flashlight, sleeping bag, toiletries, cook set (for food but there are sari2x stores at the campsite too))

Camera for photography (for sure)

Leave no trace (trash)

Be physically fit before the climb and enjoy the adventure 🙂

Watch the video of our trip by Asa ni Quen?Mt. Manunggal Traverse to Mt. Mauyog, Balamban, Cebu

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Some photos credit to joiners

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  1. Hi, I see you follow my blog, I love yourself and the group you’ve set up. It’s awesome. I. Helping g a friend set up an eco lodge in Legazpi, just below Mayon. Would love it if you came out here for a weekend or a few days to meet us, chill out and take in the volcano. We are 80% operational, bamboo Kubo’s, mosquito nets and comfy mattresses. Feel free to delete this message, wasn’t sure how else to get in touch. Regards Rob 09065456124

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